Deja Vu: Here We Go Again Bargaining With Terrorists

The Single Greatest Threat to Israel

It’s not demographics, it’s no secular vs haredi issues, it ain’t even Iran. The greatest threat Israel faces is the perpetual watering down of the country’s principles. I’m talking of course about Gilad Shalit, who’s been rotting away as a Hamas captive for 3+ years. Do we want him back? Don’t you know it.

The question becomes is it Gilad Shalit being held hostage now or the State of Israel?

Arguably it is both. We’ve taken ourselves hostage by negotiating with terrorists & worse, giving in to their outrageous demands. After Lebanon War II, every western nation & even the UN stated matter of factly that Israel’s soldiers (including Shalit) must be released unconditionally.. That morphed into releasing a cold blooded child murdering terrorist & an undisclosed numbers of other terrorists in return for a few mutilated body parts. The Lebanese declared it a national holiday after robbing us blind & I watched in horror as the exchange took place live on Israeli TV.

The reaction in Israel was less than boisterous. The whole thing was media pumped to no end, ‘we must do this’ the media said endlessly just as they do now. No, in fact we mustn’t do this. As much as I empathize with the Shalit family, and did so with Regev & Goldwasser’s families – They are manipulating Israel & using media as a bludgeon on our better sensibilities.

After the last few exchanges the consensus was these were a mistake, no kidding? Ya Think? Israel set up a commission who’s findings are not being officially released, but the recommendation after these fiascos was all future swaps be 1 for 1 – Period. Here’s the tally, it’s not not pretty.

  • June 2008: In exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, Israel frees a Lebanese convicted in a fatal 1979 apartment house attack, four other Lebanese prisoners, an undisclosed number of Palestinian prisoners and dozens of bodies of Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas.
  • January 2004: In a deal with Hezbollah, Israel trades 436 Arab prisoners and the bodies of 59 Lebanese fighters for an Israeli civilian and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers.
  • July 1996: Israel frees 65 prisoners for the return of the bodies of two soldiers from Lebanon.
  • September 1991: Israel frees 51 prisoners for proof that one of its soldiers held in Lebanon is dead.
  • May 1985: Israel swaps 1,150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners for three Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon after Israel invaded in 1982. Criticism over the lopsided deal intensified after many of the freed prisoners played leading roles in a Palestinian uprising that began in 1987.
  • November 1983: Israel swaps 4,600 Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners for six Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon in September 1982.

Now, a thousand-plus more are to be released, despite these statements regarding who’s on the Hamas list..

According to Israeli security officials, the 450 prisoners included senior terrorist engineers who planned and carried out “the most murderous terrorist attacks that the State of Israel has ever known.” Releasing and returning them to the West Bank and Gaza would severely endanger Israeli civilians.

I’ll say it

Because not many people in Israel will outloud despite their agreement. The price is too high. The People & State of Israel cannot be held hostage for one man irrespective of who he is or what the circumstances are. Not even for 10 men, or 100 for that matter. There are 7 million people here, we take combat losses, we lose civilians to terror, we lose 20+ people a week to bad drivers. Israel is a dangerous place, we are only making it ever more dangerous with this insanity.

I thought it was Barak responsible in earlier exchanges. Then I blamed Olmert, now I blame Bibi who just lost my vote. If the PM can’t make the hard decisions he should resign. Sacrificing the State of Israel for one man, whomever he may be, is against every Zionist (not too mention Jewish law) principle.

I do not support negotiating with terrorists

I most certainly do not support releasing them from prison - No matter what.

I support killing them, nothing less, nothing more. If the goal is to lose more lives (which this deal will certainly accomplish) then send in Commandos. Some will die, Shalit too probably but they will do so with gusto defending the State as they are combat soldiers rescuing one of their own.

It is preferable than releasing hundreds of terrorists who will murder & maim countless Israeli civilians. At least then we’ll still have our honor, because only a fool makes a deal with the Devil - But it takes a nation of morons to keep on making the same bad deal over & over again.

‘It’s the right thing to do, the moral thing to do’..
No, I’m sorry, it most certainly is not.

  • jason

    No prisoners will be released. Lost your vote. Olmert released hundreds of prisoners and was about to release many with blood on their hands before the gaza war just to appease abbas.

    Reports are that Bibi is refusing to release any prisoners with blood on their hands yet you just threw him overboard.

    Kadima will give up the golan heights, give abbas land between west bank and gaza and kadima wants to internationalize jerusalem and saudi arabia will be one of the nations in charge of the old city.

    It scares me to death that the people that took bibi down the first time and gave us kadima will do it again. Because these purist took down bibi the first time we got olmert, peretz, and livni who were a disaster in the lebanon war.

    Wait Bibi lost your vote? So you will give us Livni.

    These Bibi haters who took him down the first time caused more damage to israel than Iran could ever dream about.

  • jason

    Skynews is reporting that prisoners with blood on their hands aren’t being offered to be released.

    Hamas is also planting many stories in the media.

    Thanks for throwing Bibi under the bus a man who risked his life in the protection of israel.

    What a disgrace.

  • jason

    What is it with the purity on the right across the world.

    Millions of conservatives stayed home because they didn’t like McCain even though on every bad decision Obama has made so far McCain’s position would have gone the other way. Limbaugh and Beck and so many so called conservatives spent countless hours complaining about McCain when their differences were minimal and the differences with Obama and McCain were huge. Obama has a single digit lifetime ACU rating and McCain’s was 82. So if you can’t get 100 percent the Right would rather have zero percent.

    Same thing is also happening in the UK. Gordon Brown set up david cameron by having ireland move up their vote so cameron would be stuck in the position of not having a referendum because the treaty was now law.

    Never mind that Gordon Brown and Labour pledged to hold a referendum and went back on it.

    Now Labour is surging in the polls and tories are plummeting because purists on the right are staying home and now won’t vote for Cameron.

    Same thing happened to Israel in 1999. The purists stayed home and Bibi was kicked out which lead to the disastrous decisions in lebanon which lead to iran buildup in lebanon. Bibi’s defeat also lead to the rise of sharon and kadima. Bibi’s defeat also lead to livni, olmert, and sharon leaving the gaza border wide open to iran to bring in long range rockets to hamas and for hamas to build up bunkers with heavy weapons. Hamas rockets can now target tel aviv and dimona.

    These are real life consequences and yet the purists on the right will abandon leaders like bibi if they aren’t 100 percent right and will give us a leader like Livni who wants to give away israel’s security to the UN.

    Purists on the right have lead to the rise of Obama, Gordon Brown, and Bibi’s defeat in 1999.

    The right taking down Bibi in 1999 lead to Iran building a base in southern lebanon and gaza. The right purists in israel have done ireperable harm to israel.

    The purists on the right have lead to irreparable harm in the u.s, the uk and israel. In 2005 the purists on the right split their vote allowing brown in and not giving the uk the referendum and now the same purists blame cameron.

  • While Israel’s pathological political culture has been shaped by many powerful internal forces there has also been for many decades an external enabler.

  • @ jason:
    Hi Jason, while I appreciate you taking the time to reply at length don’t you think you’re a little over the top? Calling me a ‘disgrace’ because I am exercising my democratic rights is frankly absurd.

    I am A): Not a purist, if I were there are bigger issues to discuss ie, the settlement freeze. One doesn’t have to be a purist to take SERIOUS exception to breaking the golden rule regarding negotiating with terrorist groups.

    B) You have lept to massive conclusions, Kadima is not the only other party out there, there are in fact many like Israel Beitenu for example. Livni couldn’t form a coalition if her life depended on it.

    C) Sky news is wrong, and terrorists with blood on their hands are indeed at stake here. My posts stands as my opinion on these issues. Ehud Barak has already come out with his own excuse which is that this is the last such deal, and new rules don’t apply here because the new rules were formed after Gilad was abducted… Those rules will be 1 for 1.

    In other words I’m 100% right but my leaders are making a bad exception. I welcome your opinion & it is also welcomed as valid, but you need to be careful before leaping please.

  • jason

    Sorry about the disgrace I am an American and was so tired during the election how the right was fighting over McCain instead of Obama.

    Now the right in America is obsessed with purity instead of focusing on Obama.

    The differences between the right are small but somehow all the focus is on that instead of the huge differences between the right and left.

    I wasn’t really referring to you in the disgrace I was referring to my american friends and also how I have UK friends who want the tories now to lose because Cameron’s U turn on the EU vote.

    Didn’t mean anything by it an just saw your blog and keep up the good work.

  • jason

    I think Bibi did the best he could. Remember this is only a 10 month freeze and Bibi is allowing 3,000 settlement units to proceed. In reality there will be more construction now than last year.

    The freeze was already in effect Bibi was against new tenders anyway and is now calling Abbas’s bluff.

    Now if Abbas doesn’t come to the table the freeze ends without any lapse in construction since 3,000 are already under construction.

    Bibi withstood a lot of american pressure to have those 3,000 units to keep going.

    There is also a bigger picture here like sanctions on iran that are bigger than any issue and Bibi is not working with a friendly white house.

    • Thanks for clarifying Jason, I would tend to agree with you on many points regarding the freeze. If public buildings like kindergartens & clinics had not been approved I would hold very different views however, and Jerusalem is a non-starter obviously.

      Sadly, we need to jump through hoops to prove who is REALLY responsible for lack of talks, lack of Peace and still it will never be enough!