Chef-D’oeuvre: Hudson Institute US Israel Symposium Simply Stellar

Much better than the new season of Smallville..

The Hudson Institute may not be a team in the MLB, but they sure know how to crack one out of the park.  The topic? Particularly timely and suitably riveting for political junkies such as myself:

U.S.-Israeli Relations - Challenges to the Special Relationship.

Hudson's 3rd Panel - But they were all very very good!

Hudson's 3rd Panel - But they were all very very good!

The Panels? One after the other some of the most balanced I have ever seen, fantastic stuff.

Even the opening speech (usually a borefest) was particularly good, with Ambassador Oren delivering a surprisingly interesting and frankly illuminating speech clearly written specifically for the event – Unlike the usual stump speech.


Certainly included Daniel Levy (of Yossi Beilin, Obama tuchus licking fame) making a total ignoramus of himself (I could watch that all day), but that was just the cherry on top of what can only be described as delicious overall viewing. Look at some of these experts lined up..

Ambassador Oren; Aaron David Miller, Douglas Feith, Robert Lieber, Marty Peretz, Gabriel Schoenfeld, Martin Indyk, Elliott Abrams, David Wurmser, Michael Makovsky.

I love it, only complaint is the oddball video player at the Hudson website which makes access to this excellent content a bit difficult. If you have been following the US / Israel relationship in the age of Obama, or have had concerns over recent US policy, these panels will certainly please!

It should also be noted that one of the panels was clearly designed with the controversial J Street in mind, but J Street founder Ben-Ami was a no show. Judging by Levy’s pitiful display this was probably for the best.

I’ve seen video of dozens of think tank symposiums, hundreds of hours of c-span etc etc. This is definitely memorable stuff imho.

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  • So Ben Ami was invited and didn’t show?

    So he invites Amb. Oren to give the imprimatur of legitimacy to his own organization but fails to show up along with the big boys.

    Really if anyone could do what Rosner suggests (go to J-Street and explain why they are unhelpful to Israel) it’s Oren, as I’ve seen him take control of a rabidly anti-Israel (worse than J-Street) crowd.

    However if Oren speaks, Ben Ami will probably ignore what he says (if Oren bashes J-Street) and simply trumpet – the Isreali government sent a rep, we’re important.

  • Dear Saus,
    Thanks for your comments about our recent event at Hudson Institute. We are always trying to improve our website (without a lot of money, alas), and I wanted to know what you meant about our “oddball video player.” Do you have suggestions on how we might improve it (without spending a vast sum)? I’d sincerely like your constructive criticism.

    Best wishes,
    Grace Terzian
    VP Communications, Hudson Insitute

  • @ soccer dad:
    David, I couldn’t agree more with you. Ben-Ami was apparently not feeling well, but someone should have been sent in his stead if that was the case – They have 30 staffers now & are flush with Soros & other Dem. donor $$$ – Bad form.

    Personally, I don’t want Oren to go for precisely the reasons you outlined. I think it will be used as a PR coup irrespective of Oren’s actual statements.. J Street has excelled at dirty media modus operandi.

    I know we can all agree from America or Israel, that the last thing we want to see is some sort of distorted type propaganda resulting from that speech.

    @ RE Grace: People, did I tell you Hudson was great or what? Check out their pro-active response. Fantastic! Email to away..

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