Haveil Havalim: Sittin in the Succa Edition

Ben-Yehuda is hosting the latest Jewish blog carnival, a Sukkot edition..

Usually you’ll find a dearth of posts around the holidays for the Jblogs as people are naturally busy or occupied, but he does an admirable job whipping together a carnival – nice! As for myself I have at least 3 or 4 unfinished posts in my drafts. I’m not sure other than busy what is up with me. My post counts are way down. Heh, that sounded pretty dramatic..

‘Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a blogger – His post counts are way down!

Sorry, I recently saw the new Star Trek movie, must have got distracted for a second there. In any case one of those drafts is pretty neat, regarding recent US changes to Missile Defense and how it affects Israel.Maybe I’ll wrap that up and post it. But until then I’m really wondering only one thing, well maybe a couple of things..

  • Why is Sukkot spelled with k in english, and Succa with c?
  • Why did one of my neighbors strip a nearby tree so badly in order to cover the roof of his succah? Is he an idiot by birth?
  • Why is it that every year by Sukkot I know the Oakland Raiders are going to suck badly?..again.

I did not see answers for these burning life questions at the Carnival, but you may be luckier! Check it out : )

  • B”H

    Thanks for the link.

    1. I transliterate a “kaf” to “k” and a “qof” to a “q.” Double letters generally represent a letter with a “dagesh.” Everyone laughs at my Q’s. But, I have this crazy idea that one should differentiate between the letters, after all they are SUPPOSED to be pronounced differently. Ask any Yemenite. No wonder why I had to correct so much Hebrew spelling in elementary schools here.

    My exception is that of titles, which I leave alone the way the author spelled them.

    2. I don’t know about your neighbor. Pruning is good. Stripping isn’t.

    3. Who cares about the Raiders? Go Chargers!


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