AMERICA!: Poll Shows Massive US Jewish Support Swing For Settlements & Iranian Strikes

American Jewry Responds to the Pressure Israel Meme

I’ve said it before, I simply do not believe American Jewry would hang Israel out to dry. Tough love the US Administration called it, policy based on an uncomfortably close relationship between far left wing agenda ridden groups & the White House, namely Jstreet. Pressure Israel, Israel is the obstacle, settlements are the obstacle..

J-street’s own bogus custom polling is designed to elicit distorted conclusions & produce media sound-bytes. It’s designed not to engender cooperation or strengthen the US Israel strategic relationship but to push a selective agenda. Sadly for J-street, the highly respected and authoritative yearly AJC polling of American Jewry is now out, and the results are not pretty for the Jstreet crew like Beilin, Ben-Ami or Daniel Levy.. 

American Jews have taken a sharply hawkish turn on Iran, with a majority now supporting a U.S. military strike to end that country’s nuclear weapons program, according to this year’s Survey of American Jewish Public Opinion, released on Wednesday by the American Jewish Committee. [...]

In the survey, 51 percent disagreed “with the Obama administration’s call for a stop to all new Israeli settlement activity, with 41 percent agreeing with that policy.

“That’s a significant shift, and the Obama administration is at fault for putting too much emphasis on the issue of settlements,” said Seymour Reich, a former president of the dovish Israel Policy Forum (IPF). “As a result, the Netanyahu government has outfoxed the administration — and taken American Jewish public opinion along with them.”

Ummm huh.. So much for the cooked claims by Jstreet to the contrary. But wait, on Iran it gets even worse for the pacifist appeasing anti-Israel crowd. In fact it gets much worse. We already know that in Israel the Obama policy has dramatically failed, that support for the US President is below 5% while Netanyahu is soaring in consensus. What we learn is that there is what is being termed ‘Unease’ within the American Jewish community at large over these pressure Israel policies as well, and that when it comes to Iran & existential threats – Even the Liberals get hawkish..

I advise reading the whole thing, because it is a real eye opener