LaLaLand: Opposition Leader Livni Has Seen Better Weeks

Livni's LaLaLand?Kadima GoldenGirl needs some polish

Things started off well enough this week for Mrs Livni. She was as happy as a peacock eating dinner with Madonna in Tel Aviv this week. This garnered her the most attention she’s been able to muster herself in weeks and she sure does love attention. The international superstar later visited Netanyahu’s home to light Shabbat candles (no, I’m not referring to Livni).

But the fun ended quickly in Kadima faction meetings, replaced by some blistering criticism..

The Kadima faction’s pre-Rosh Hashana gathering at the Knesset on Wednesday turned out to be not very festive, as party head Tzipi Livni endured rare criticism from someone other than her number two in the party, MK Shaul Mofaz.

Mofaz was joined in criticizing Livni’s management of the party by MKs Avi Dichter, Ze’ev Boim, and Gideon Ezra. The main issues of dissent were the handling of the party’s finances and a change to the party’s constitution that was enabled by temporarily removing regional council heads from Kadima’s governing council.

Sixteen MKs came to a meeting of Kadima’s house committee on Thursday during which party spendings were discussed. The MKs demanded greater transparency and complained that the budget for 2009 had still not been passed in September.

“If she doesn’t start considering the others in the party and stop thinking Kadima can be a one-woman show, she is going to have a real problem,” a Kadima MK who supports Livni said Thursday night. [...]

You see while Livni is living it up, Kadima is in debt and facing serious budget concerns. Almost 40 million Shekels worth of it with little winning party results, and even weaker opposition to show for it. Here’s a sample of her latest opposition statements and they show Livni living in a sort of LaLaLand as her colleagues have protested..

“Israel’s leaders, the elected government, in my opinion, still hasn’t made a choice between two different outlooks. One, Jewish existence in every part of Israel, and two, the existence of a Jewish democratic state,” she said in a speech at an IDF pensioners’ event. [...]

“In our time, we built in Jerusalem and the settlement blocs, they never liked it, but it was never the core of the debate between Israel and the world,” continued the opposition leader. “That was because they believed us and understood that our way was not one of biding time and trying to survive. With these attempts to survive and please everyone, we won’t preserve Israel’s interests and what is important to us, and we won’t progress at all.”

Huh? What is Livni rambling about here? The reason this has become the ‘core of the debate’ is President Obama and his need to create an artificial crisis with Israel for his own political purposes.. Not too mention his slimy move to totally disregard American / Israeli agreements – Which provided Madame Livni with the ability to see expansion ‘in her time’, and which were negotiated by Ariel Sharon when she was pretty much a nobody.

Nor was there ever any EU, or American celebratory cheering going on for settlement issues either despite these agreements. As usual Livni seems to coast along in a form of dream state above it all. I guess she has already forgotten Condi Rice’s vehement statements & threats to herself & Olmert over Jerusalem construction last year. Convenient.  It’s all very slippery & slimy and it is a pattern for Livni. She boasts of clean hands & change, but the only thing she often changes are the facts and history – Usually to suit her megalomaniacle ‘me me me’ needs.

Country fairly united

Netanyahu has done a good job building strong consensus and boxing Livni out of any coherent position of opposition. Kadima is in trouble, so is Livni. It’s time to wake up from the reverie. Apparently many in Kadima feel the same. The Power of Me got Livni nowhere, how’s about she start looking out for the rest of us a bit? Maybe with some responsible, coherent opposition in the form of supporting the will of the People of Israel instead of courting celebrities like Madonna or Obama.