Watching Weasels: Feeling the Love in a Non-Council Nomination This Week (Updated Council Results)

Can Mahmoud Abbas graduate from ‘Utterly Useless’ to full fledged ‘Weasel’? (UPDATED BELOW with the COUNCIL’s VOTE)

Many thanks to Senor SoccerDad for his nomination of Occupation Vocation: Palestinian Peace of the Not So Brave to the non-council category this week over at the Watchers of Weasels.

Every week the tasty blogs on the Council vote on a mix of their own & 3rd party blog posts for pre-eminent Weasel bragging rights.. In all truth it’s one of the best ways to drill down to some of the more interesting posts of the week from some fantastic blogs. I always appreciate an occasional appearance, last time round thanks to the Council votes I managed a second place tie - But I had a real powerhouse in the mix imho and one of my own favorite posts nominated.

Looking over this week’s non-council nominations in the running..

It’s going to be another uphill climb because the competition quality is high! Get your dose of great reading with this week’s tally, courtesy of the Council Chief -  The Weasel Watcher himself, who’s now incidentally blogging more and more on the top topics of the week.

A nomination pays hefty dividends. Last time round I got into the council picks the selections made it all the way to worldnetdaily as a short brief on what’s good on the net, generating some tasty traffic beyond that of the blogs in the roundup, these critter watchers have some serious clout. 

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

Best of luck to all the Council members & non-member posts.


COUNCIL VOTE UPDATE: Results are in!

Joshuapundit steals the show on the council side, I think this is two weeks in a row too.  Not bad at all with a whopping three points which is pretty tough to do. On the non council side Harry Reid takes a bruising  with 1st place : ) 

For the Hashmonean a not stellar but decent 4th place tie outside the winners circle. There were a bunch of posts tied ahead too in 2nd place with strong numbers - I can think of worse things in life than tying for 4th with the likes of Mark Steyn however. Big Thanks to the Council for another super weasel watch, another batch of top quality posts and their consideration!