State of Obama’s Union? Pretty Much A Total Crap Fest (Debt UpdateII)


Sorry, I can’t resist. Personally, I’m convinced they are smoking the cheeba over there in the American White House. How else can you explain this..

  • Health Care? Obama’s own man made disaster.
  • Afghanistan? Deteriorating.
  • Deficit? Now 2 TRILLION higher than projected going forward (9 Trillion bucks, my lord..)
  • Presidential Approvals? Tanking.
  • Clunkers? 3 billion dollars burned, zero enviro impact, ten top sellers? Foreign autos.
  • Cap & Trade? Not so much.
  • Iran engagement? G8 Summit / deadline in weeks.
  • Mid East Peace? Rejected by Obama’s Arab pals.
  • Gitmo? Like Mcdonalds, Open 24hrs per day.
  • Jobs? A few hundred thousand more lost last month.
  • No New Tax pledge? The Dreams of your father.
  • Stimulus? More like Porkulus.
  • National Intelligence? Now under threat of prosecution.
  • Post Partisanship? Difficult when 50% of Americans are termed ‘Unruly Mobs’ & ‘Nazis’.
  • Transparency? Opaque.
  • Progressive Agenda? Has Blue-dog Dems running scared.. right out of their 2010 seats!
  • President ‘Lincoln’ II? On Vacation..

Don’t even get me started on foreign policy issues like Honduras, Israel, the UK, Russia, NoKo etc.. Because it’s an even worse disaster that makes the above domestics look like a Chagall masterpiece! The real telling part of all this? The great community organizer / executive in chief along with his Astroturfing pals and 60+ ‘Czars’ are micromanaging it all to great effect. Well everything but the parts they’ve farmed out to Pelosi & CO. that is.

They’ve brought it all ‘in house’ so to speak

Clinton is nowhere to be found, the State Department has simply seemingly ceased to exist. Got an international problem? Just Email and wait for the spam email form letter response from David Axelrod himself! Heck even the CIA is no longer needed or in charge (more like being charged).. Interrogation of terrorists will be henceforth handled by the competent WH crew who brought Americans all the above. Charming!

You think Israel is a big mess? Don’t feel too bad. Have you taken a look at Obama’s new America lately? Yikes.

On the debt, take a look at this from the FT (via Drudge)

[...] most of the attention is likely to focus on the longer-term picture, which will result in the near doubling of US national debt to 82 per cent of gross domestic product by 2019 – levels not seen since the second world war. Mounting concern over the economic – and even national security – implications of exploding US national debt is also likely to complicate any attempts by the Obama administration to embark on a second fiscal stimulus, which many economists say may prove necessary by 2011 as the effects of this year’s $787bn stimulus begin to wane.

Almost 10% of all US economic activity per annum will be budget deficit alone, and 82% of annual GDP debt!? Total insanity. On top of that Obama intends to take 1/6th of the total US economy and run it into a socialist, inefficient government run program which gives away health care selectively to the tune of at least another trillion. Hey 9 trillion, 10 trillion what’s the difference right? It’s just debt - 1 million, millions to be precise.. If you love America as I do how can you NOT be worried?

Reminds me of that Jim Carrey line in the Mask – Somebody stop meeee!

Update II: I had to read more about this because I was so shocked by the numbers.

To put things in perspective, here are some stats on top expenditures for the US per annum.

  • Defense appx 500 Billion
  • Social Security appx 400 Billion
  • Medicare appx 400 Billion
  • Annual interest ALONE on current debt? 300+ Billion per year.

About 50% of that above is deficit spending! All this debt breaks down to almost $40,000 dollars per US citizen in federal debt (not counting any personal individual debt, which breaks down to another 25K in debt for the avg. American). These numbers are astounding. How on Earth can the current administration have the moxie to propose more & more spending, cronyism, fraud, bailouts & pork? Obama is trying to ‘re-distribute the wealth’ by spending & taxing, but what happens when there’s no more wealth in America period, just debt?

The USA is the World’s economic engine, if it goes we all go. I’m not an economist I’m a technologist, it has been a while since I was in macro economics so I may be misreading these numbers. If I am let me know.