Flame Out: Anti-Israel Human Rights Watch Plummeting to Earth with No Chute

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

We all know that the UN’s various ‘Human Rights’ bodies are shams, this is not a secret. Many western nations refuse to participate in the UN bodies because actual human rights abuses are totally ignored, instead the worst violators of even the most basic fundamental human rights sit as judges & juries in a farcical game of Israel hatred. For months & years resolution after resolution condemning Israel is mock debated and then passed, no other issue even gets tabled. An international mockery that is rightly recognized as so, international cover for hatred of Israel & Jews.

Human Rights Watch’s neutrality eviscerated

But now the NGOs on the periphery of the UN are bleeding credibility as well. Here in Israel our government is already debating how to deal with the fact that foreign governments in the EU are actively funding agenda driven organizations like Peace Now, Btselem and other pro Palestinian entities who’s goals are to smear the State of Israel under the guise of ‘neutrality’ & ‘Human Rights’, with bias filled reports eagerly lapped up by Israel haters everywhere.

Human Right Watch, already reeling from recent disclosures of actively seeking funds in Saudi Arabia of all places (where Human Rights are non existent) by openly appealing to the Saudi money men to help fund & bash Israel under the same guise of neutrality, is further under the microscope and the results aren’t pretty..

Pollak over at Contentions summarizes some interesting information on key HRW staffers & directors. Not surprisingly, they are all serial Israel haters with padded resumes of Pro Palestinian ACTIVISM! A real death blow for so called ‘neutral organizations’..

Over on the Volokh blog, David Bernstein has been conducting admirable work on Human Rights Watch and its obsession with Israel. Yesterday he profiled Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Middle East director, who, it turns out, is not just a Norman Finkelstein admirer but was deeply involved in anti-Israel activism when she was hired. She is in good company at HRW with people like Joe Stork, HRW’s deputy Middle East director, who used to edit the viciously anti-Israel Middle East Report. Another is Lucy Mair, the Israel/Palestinian-territories researcher until 2007, who used to write for Electronic Intifada, the pro-terrorism website.

You cannot be a ‘neutral’ & an ‘activist’ by very definition..

ac⋅tiv⋅ism – noun

1. the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc.

Uh Oh. As usual whenever criticism surfaces, HRW quickly dumps out a banal statement or report, and goes through the motions of trying to balance out its horrificly anti-Israel tipped scales by talking about Hamas & war crimes. They did the exact same thing a full year + after the Lebanon war II by finally acknowledging in a lame report what was evident to all – That Hezbollah was engaged in War Crimes rocketing Israel.

Now they do the same with a focus on the 3 week Gaza conflict to lamely cover their own asses which are directly in the fire, it’s cynical, comical and a fairly transparent effort. Pretty much the definition of Human Rights Watch itself these days now that the mask is fully off and their credibility is in the toilet. Three years ago I looked at an HRW report, and tore it apart. I’ve never bothered reading another one since, why waste my time? We already know what HRW is all about.. Pro Palestinian, Pro-Terrorist, Pro-Arab activism designed to attack and damage Israel under an absurd cover of ‘neutrality’ that is anything but.

At least I am open about my own shameless activism, I don’t cover and shield myself as a ‘Human Rights crusader’, apparently all those jobs are already filled.