Weakling: Netanyahu Continues to Disappoint Israel’s & America’s Liberal Elite

Agenda Rolls On

Last month I wrote some in depth analysis after the first 100 days of our new Israeli government coalition, focusing on PM Netanyahu and the broader political scene in Israel & also Foreign Policy. As usual my take differed somewhat from the fare generally available, but more importantly my analysis was spot on. Two key points, the linchpins of the Netanyahu domestic agenda have now passed in the Knesset, which is on its way to summer recess.

  • The Israel Lands Authority reform
  • The ‘Mofaz Law’

Bibi has passed the rockiest terrain coalition wise and scored his victories, it’s bad news for everyone else in opposition. Both bills faced staunch opposition from within & without the coalition itself and remarkably from both directions, the hard left & hard right placing Bibi in the center, a new spot for him. That & the fact that these bills were central pillars of Netanyahu’s agenda are what makes them critical for gaging realities and for analysis which is why I chose to focus on them then. In order to get a read on coalition strength or by extension leadership position you need to look at the tough sells and whether they go through, the fact that they have says much.

As a result of the bills passing many in the political realm are suffering bitter lemons, there’s a lot of spin going on in general. I think much of it stems from the fact that Israel’s elite in conjunction with its wholly owned & operated Israeli media machine simply cannot stand Netanyahu, and seize all opportunities to trash him. As a result much of the media analysis comes out flawed because it is tainted by the need to spin anti-Netanyahu.

 That is a fairly large disconnect, another one is the popular public support the PM now has. Whether Kadima cheerleaders, Meretz dreamers, or their cadre of media spinmeisters like it or not Bibi has popular support and their own party fortunes are looking rather anemic. Sucks to be them.

Foreign Policy – The crisis of the left continues.

There’s another anti Bibi media meme playing out, this one is generated by American media and American Jewry. Again the liberal elite are prime drivers, in this case left wing American Jewish groups like the NJDC & J-Street. The spin they have been selling is that Obama is some sort of great gift to Israel which is laughable, but onward they march trying to artificially prop up the American President while by the same token slamming Netanyahu, or more specifically the political positions he represents which are opposite Obama’s and the mission statements of these same groups like J-Street – Groups which are fiscally and politically tied to Obama through his Jewish Chicago cronies running major Jewish American organizations.

It is all spin, I for one do not believe that the vast majority of American Jewry is represented ideologically by these groups as they would have us believe, only the loudest, noisiest, and dirtiest politically portions in reality. In the same way that MoveOn.org probably represents less than 10% of Americans views but judging from the noise they make, the media footprint & the massive Soros funding you would think they represent the other 90% instead whom are better known as the silent majority.

American Jews vote Democrat because of party allegiance. However the party is changing into something much more radically progressive, it remains to be seen how many Jewish voters are gung-ho about that considering the farther left wing you go in American political spheres today, the more flat out anti-semitism surrounds you, never mind blind hatred of Israel.

As a result of these ideology changes these spin machines have actually lost Israel’s own left. Obama’s policies are not popular on either divide in Israel. The American Jewry left & the Israeli left are singing wildly different tunes, making the J-Street message being sold to American Jews bereft of any support in Israel at all, a constituency of none. That is going to develop into a real crisis for these left wing groups. You cannot represent what is the ‘best for Israel’, or be ‘Pro-Israel’ if there is no one in Israel who ACTUALLY AGREES with you, including ideological soul mates. The mask is coming off, and even the US administration is backing away from its hardline verbiage because it has clearly failed..


The resulting memes have focused on credibility. Here again there is a massive disconnect. The American liberal Jewish groups and Obama’s administration try to sell a bill of goods that Netanyahu is running on short supply in the credibility department. The reality is in fact the opposite. It is Obama who’s credibility is falling like a stone, his speeches and wall to wall media appearances generate little interest now, his domestic agenda is losing wheels faster than a poorly constructed Government Motors union built crap box, and his foreign policies have been rejected at every turn by enemies & allies alike making him and his 300+ advisers look down right foolish.

By the same token, these Jewish groups who are the bedrock of spinning his Jewish American support sound more & more desperate to sell their message which pretty much everyone now sees more and more clearly as smoke & mirrors. Judging by the comments there no one is buying their BS. On the flip side, Netanyahu and the political platform he represents is riding higher domestically & in foreign policy.

Even American editorials acknowledge Obama naively overplayed his settlement hand for little gain, an exit strategy to fix the bumbling while saving credibility is needed. Iran itself is seemingly finally becoming the central issue of our time as per Israel’s endless warning, I believe we will see the Palestinian issue begin to fade as a result of their own usual intransigence and upcoming farcical ‘peace plans’. The Arabs themselves have shut down rather publicly Obama’s confidence building strategy. In every instance Obama is on the losing team while Netanyahu skillfully rides the rapids while staying firmly planted in the dingy.

Who is looking weak and who is looking strong?

The answers are obvious enough and the disconnects between reality and far left wing liberals are growing ever wider. President Obama is in trouble for now both in America & outside, by extension those selling his message are also in trouble – They are the ones suffering a credibility crisis.

Domestically & internationally Netanyahu doesn’t look very weak. If anything on Iran a nervous US administration over Israeli strikes gives us leverage, a unified Israeli public on terms for peace in upcoming negotiations gives him a lot of strength. Lastly, the empty message of Hope & Change being sold to Americans in general, and American Jews regarding the Middle East in particular is looking like a late night TV infomercial selling cheap goods at very very expensive prices.. Pretty soon people may start asking for their money back.