No More Dough: Obama Has Spent His Political Capital As Approvals Plummet (Video)

Double Digit Drops For American Messiah..
See you next Honeymoon!

I try not to wade too deeply into the American domestic situation beyond politics, but seeing as the President openly interferes in Israeli domestic affairs; including instructing us to ‘Engage in Self-Reflection’ (what an insult this was) as well as instructs us to stop living, not attack Iran, and equally determines from Washington it seems where we can & cannot build within Jerusalem itself.. It is clearly according to the American administration itself  ‘open season’.

Plummeting Confidence in the US President’s Leadership

So let’s open with the fact that more Americans now disapprove than approve of the job the US president is doing on the economy, on deficits, on health care. In fact it is now clear more Americans disapprove of every single major initiative the President has going. He’s got a ways to go yet thankfully for him until he reaches the magic 6% approvals he has registered with Israelis. Of course that polling was done before the President’s advisers seemingly declared Jerusalem Judenrhein – So I expect his numbers here to dip below 6% & hit oblivion now with his ‘stalwart ally’.

In the mean time the American numbers are of great interest for me as a poll flunky.. If you are a literary fellow, Jennifer Rubin looks at additional numbers and it doesn’t look any better in print than on TV!

Here’s ABC video of the most excellent overall, Jack Tapper on El Presidente’s US Numbers.

RCP describes the Prez’s numbers as “Tanking”.
Heh! Quick, somebody schedule a speech in Germany or something!
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