Legendary: Former Mossad Head, National Hero Meir Amit Passes On (Fixed Pulled Videos)

Responsible for Some of Israel’s Most Spectacular Mossad Successes
Update July 23 -
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From Haaretz.

General (res.) Meir Amit, the former head of the Mossad who is credited with modernizing Israel’s feared intelligence agency, died on Friday due to a serious illness. He was 88 years old. Amit, who headed the organization from 1963 to 1968, also served as the head of the Israel Defense Forces intelligence branch. [...]

Some highlights of his long dedication to the State of Israel & career from the Knesset website.


Date of Birth: 17/03/1921
Place of Birth: Tiberias, Israel


He attended Primary School in Borochov neighborhood; Regional School at Givat HaShlosha; and Balfor Gymnasium in Tel Aviv. He studied Business Administration at Columbia in New York.

Military Service

Joined the “Hagana” in 1936

Served in “The Watchmen Corps” 1940-45

Platoon Commander in Field Corps

Regional Company Commander

Fought in the battles of Mishmar HaEmek and Emek Yisrael (1947)

Participated in the liberation of the lower Galilee

Participated in the “Hiram” Campaign (as Junior Commander of Regiment)

Participated in the “Horev” Campaign (as Regimental Commander) as well as in the “Ovda” Campaign.

Commander of the “Golani” Brigade (1950)

Commander of the Training Command (1951)

Head of Operations Department of the General Staff

Head of Military Intelligence (1954)

General of Southern Command (1955)

Head of Military Intelligence (1956)

General of Northern Command (1958)

Head of Military Intelligence (1961)

Thank You Meir Amit

That military career in itself is astounding, when one considers the intelligence heights this man reached it somewhat boggles the mind. Some of Israel’s more famous successes including his agent Eli Cohen in Syria, who’s intelligence proved vital to the security of the State of Israel before his capture & execution by the Syrians.

Many of the successes of the lightning Six Day ’67 Campaign, including the total destruction of Egypt’s air bases, defenses & Air Force can be traced to the intelligence gathering under Meir Amit. It is said Israel knew more about the Egyptian forces, their terrain and strengths / weaknesses than the Egyptians themselves. In his last public interviews Amit reversed a previous personal policy belief, and called for Israel to ferociously strike Iran’s Nuclear Programs to safeguard Israel’s future.. Declaring that the Global Islamic Jihad was tantamount to World War III.

A three part YouTube video documentary tribute on Meir Amit

Includes Meir Amit himself in lengthy interviews, many of these intelligence achievements..

Part I


Part II


Part III


Israel has sadly said goodbye to another of her founding fathers and legends.

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