Pepe Le Putrid Returns: ‘Boash The Skunk’ Deployed Against Fence Protesters

Since my previous post was all about the security fence, it is fitting that I put up a quick one regarding Boash – the Israeli non violent weapon which is used ironically against violent fence protesters. Boash is the non lethal ‘spray’ which, and I quote now has the “smell of a rotting, dead animal”..

Here’s JPOST on the news that Boash has returned to ‘active duty’ following a long hiatus,

The IDF stepped up efforts to quell violent anti-security fence demonstrations in the West Bank over the weekend using, for the first time in six months, the “skunk bomb.”

You won’t want to miss the initial post here at the hash where I 1st took a look at the weapon, which the Palestinians themselves have simply named, and again I quote: ‘Shit’. Hose ‘em down, then do me a favor & spray ‘em again for posterity please. Heck, If US Envoy George Mitchell keeps messing with us, I say giving him a good hoseing too! ; )

Go Boash Go!.. You little loveable stinker you.

  • B”H

    When I saw Pepe Le Putrid, I figured you were talking about Jerusalem Dep. Mayor Pepe Allalo {Meretz}.  Oh, well.  Just remember he’s also pretty putrid.
    As far as that fence is concerned, it’s evil, and is intended to be a defacto border. All of Israel belongs to us, and the fence is not the correct security solution.  Rather throw out all hostile enemies.
    Those un-Jews, Europeans, and Yishmaelim protesting the fence are doing the dirty work that I don’t really have the time to do write now.

    • I wanted to comment on your amazing post re your experiences with the mechabels a few years ago, but I don’t have a google account.. Please consider opening that up at blogspot in the future Yaaqov.

      As for the fence.. Regardless of how one feels about borders or greater Israels etc there is still a Palestinian population there either way, so something to prevent them from carrying out attacks as you experienced terribly & personally needs to be done. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from the political and just look at the security. The reduction in successful attacks is astounding, something needed to be done no matter what.. Fences can be moved, loved ones cannot be brought back.

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  • emma

    Is it true that the IDF now have an improved kind of skunk called “flying skunk?”