Obama vs The World: UK, France, Germany, Israel, Gulf States & Blogger Question Hope & Change

Good Odds: Israeli Intel forecasts ZERO Percent chance ‘Iranian Engagement’ will work

Thanks to ample distortion by an American media machine that is derelict in even the most basic journalistic duties of late in regards to their fawning like schoolgirls over Obama, there’s a cogent fact that perhaps many Americans are not very aware of. Sure we hear glowing reports of how popular Obama is around the world (save for in Israel where his policies are distinctly wildly unpopular), but criticism of the One is almost unseen in mainstream American media and that extends farther out to Europe as well.

But that wild popularity is perhaps more myth than substance in some cases, mirroring the President himself who is equally adept at style over substance with his never ending nuance designed to eloquently cover what can only be described as foreign policy weakness. Are Americans aware of the deeply held suspicions major & key allies of the USA now quietly but vigorously hold regarding what is considered folly in Presidential policy? I’m speaking of the weakness, seeming futility, and stubbornly erroneous ideology the administration holds regarding its ‘brilliant’ engage Iran strategy specifically..

Apparently, the American administration itself is fully aware, or at least parts of it are..

American officials involved in the Iranian issue have told their Israeli counterparts that they are aware of the frustration in Israel, Europe and the Gulf states over Washington’s insistence on going ahead with the dialogue with Iran, and that they also do not believe the chances of success are high.

Nevertheless, they said, were the U.S. to start laying the groundwork for stiffer sanctions now, this would signal to the Iranians that Obama is not serious about dialogue with Tehran, which would foil any chances of success that the dialogue might have.

So basically this is now a glorified Dog & Pony show

One that we all know is destined to fail, buys Iran months of pressure-less time to spin and develop an already advanced nuclear program and for what exactly? Unwillingness to admit the strategy is a failed one? Where’s the leadership? Where’s the substance? Where’s the plan should this folly fail as it now appears most of the world save for the One himself now realizes it will, including apparently Biden, Clinton, and Ross – What we can consider the small cadre of officials with deepest ties to traditional democratic party politics in contrast to Obama’s new liberal democratic progressive strain of KOS kids..

Ivory Tower

In some ways there is a slight toughening of the stance of late vs Iran by Obama’s administration, but as usual it is more style than substance. It gives little comfort that both Biden & Hillary, the only seemingly relatively sane individuals in an insane Hope & Change world appear totally marginalized in the administration thus far as it is. Hillary looks like she’s about to burst into tears she’s so marginalized, and poor Joe is locked up somewhere most days away from prying eyes (and microphones) as if he were a hunchback or something.

Israel is officially looking for what is being called a Plan-B, but heck right now I’d settle for hearing there’s actually a Plan-A!!! Because from the looks of it, Obama doesn’t have anything remotely resembling a plan, let alone a contingency plan should the first non evident plan itself fail. He seemingly doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing, and the bulk of the planet with deep interests in these matters knows it. That includes dangerously, the Iranians themselves.

Maybe they can golf it out..

Frankly, one doesn’t need to be the head of the Mossad to figure out that it doesn’t look too good in the odds department for success. Obama’s kissed off leverage by stamping out talk of sanctions entirely, kissed off leverage by what is clearly seen as the removal of the threat of force, and weakened the US position to the point of visible alarm in allies across the spectrum.. I’m wondering what exactly is left in the toolbox to convince the illegitimate regime in Iran to ‘engage’ as opposed to simply laughing all the way home until we bomb the crap out of them?

Perhaps Michelle can invite Mahmoud and the family to the White House garden to pick peas & fresh lettuce, or maybe one of the rounds of weekly golf Obama indulges in.