No More Concessions: Majority Back Refusing Obama’s Artificial Demands (Link Update)

Push-back: 6 out of 10 Israelis oppose halts to our natural growth

How much domestic support does Bibi Netanyahu have to resist these absurd American demands with little to nothing in return? Plenty..

56% of those polled support continued building & growth in our settlement blocks, as opposed to 37% whom are prepared to cave to Obama, that’s a nearly 20% gap which is enough and more for Netanyahu domestically.

If we look at dismantling the major blocks around Jerusalem, or other areas for the purpose of signing a paper peace? The numbers are very high in oppositiona full 2/3rds with 36% opposing ANY evacuation whatsoever and 30% supporting dismantling a ‘small number’ of settlements.

Football Sunday!

The speech outlining Israeli policy will be delivered this Sunday by PM Netanyahu. Bibi, Ehud Barak, Olmert, even Livni due to realities in the Kadima party - All without exception are opposed to any form of halt to our natural growth in towns & communities making up our settlement blocks.

My Opinion? Buyer Beware

A Peace deal currently lacks partners, we all know it. Further peace must be ratified by our electorate. Mitchell, Obama, Axelrod, Rahm, Power all these officials need to start coming back to earth in regards to their ‘vision’ of peace. The One imagines massive settlement dismantling, dividing Jerusalem, handing off the Temple Mount.. This is all pie in the sky. These are the whims of dreamers these are the Arabs demands – If he continues on this path the realities of Israeli Democracy will deliver a humbling blow the likes of which will shock his Presidency to the core… We will REJECT such a paper peace deal.

National Security

Lately, a dangerous political ploy has been making the rounds in statements from America to the media etc. The notion that securing Palestinian aspirations and making a peace is part of ‘American national security interests’. This is a distortion and something new, it is a pressure tactic drummed up to lend legitimacy to squeezing Israel with less political fallout, it is in short cover for Obama’s more personal wishes.

Stop quietly issuing threats to Israel

Obama has shown according to the feelings here in Israel a surprising lack of understanding & mutual respect to Israelis while kissing all our enemies’ asses. We are being backed into a corner on multiple fronts, history has shown the State of Israel lashes out violently in such situations irrespective of American will.

The Obama admin seems to be taking a lot onto its plate, domestically and around the world with muted success so far. It should keep in mind that we can add a heaping pile of mash potatoes & gravy to that plate in pursuit of our own national security.. This is a dangerous game Rahm & Axelrod are playing, they should keep it in mind they may not only get burned, but come out extra crispy.

Quid Quo Pro you say?

It is time to start talking LOUD & CLEAR about Palestinian concessions regarding their demands for peace, on Arab concessions regarding demands for peace. Of course, they have already rejected Obama’s plans but we are not allowed to talk about that..

May I remind that we control the land – in the land for peace concept. The Israeli electorate is in the driver’s seat regarding peace in the Middle East, not the Chicago based American far leftist Jews whispering in Obama’s ear and plotted by J-Street. If he puts this concept to the test, he may be sorry. We are looking to cooperate, we seek peace, but the seeming will to impose solutions on us are totally unacceptable in our democracy.

Daled Amos has the full numbers on the poll
As per the norm on dividing Jerusalem the number in opposition is around 70%.. Usually that number fluctuates between 70-80% depending on circumstance and the polls.

Link Update:
Damn she’s good.. Glick sums up what I was sort of getting at here regarding imposition on Israel and the feeling in the region. SD’s look at formulation of recent policy, as well as some interesting backlash that may occur is worthy. My last 10 posts are all about Obama, anyone think there’s some backlash developing in Israel? (Heh!)

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  • SASS

    since its really obama in the drivers seat financing the zionist colonialisation of palestine,  all the US has to do is stop funding and arming the jewish state and it would slowly collapse under the enormous cost to sustain ‘fortress israel’.

    • Financing the Zionist colonization of Palestine?
      Those are some interesting fantasies, US military aid to Israel constitutes less than 1.5% of Israel’s GDP. To put that in perspective, according to my figures in order to be financing this colonization effort you speak about the US still needs to ponie up 98.5% of Israel’s GDP this year, and every coming year.. So that will be another appx 198 BILLION Dollars a year, per year for this year alone. When can we expect payment in your fantasy? I need to plan out purchasing a yacht..