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Great Humanist: Obama’s War Against Israeli Children (Updated)

King of public image should have some light shone on his ‘Great Humanism’

Why is Obama on a crusade against Israeli children? American media so busy lauding their ‘change-maker’ speak often of natural growth these days, and why not? The President has decreed from his thrown that he is going to ‘change the world’, and the means to changing this world apparently begin and end by needlessly pandering to dictatorships at the expense of our children here.

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natrual growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Mabat Channel 1 reports on the natural growth crisis and its effect on Israeli children & families

Paying the price for an ignorant President’s policies




Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

Growth from 350 children to 500, but there's no room..

After witnessing 8 year long ribs of Mr. Bush and his intellect, maybe it is time to start looking more closely at Mr. Obama. His ideologies, sheltered academic background and 24 hour a day ‘professional handling’ have produced a surprisingly ignorant and removed from reality leader when it comes to America and her effects on the World. Isolated in his echo chamber of liberal thought & advice, one wonders if the President is aware of the fact that young children in the ‘settlements’ as he calls them, are packed into overflowing hallways and basements the last few months because there are no class rooms or any building going on. There’s no room for day care, kindergarten, schools, or learning because the President has seen fit to decree that life itself must be stopped to further his goals, forcing Israel into a vice to struggle to find solutions to the draconian measures with nary a ‘peace partner’ in sight.

Natural growth

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

Unauthorized classrooms being forced to clear out

That is the one thing we seemingly never see or hear reported by American media, the human cost of this President’s policies regarding Israel. To do so might tarnish his carefully crafted media image. Let us be clear, as Channel 1 Israel reported yesterday the so called settlements are in reality towns and cities, thriving communities with families, children and ongoing life. By decreeing no building in existing areas and threatening Israel at the same time, America is attempting to choke the life out of these communities. Daycares with 350 children already jammed, are now forced to deal with 500 children because of natural growth, but there are no permits to expand the schools or build classrooms.

Children are waiting on building permits, without them there will be no seats for them to learn this coming school year. Ministries involved are not issuing permissions because of the sensitive political pressures. Kids are literally being crammed into bomb shelters and storage areas at ‘school’ because there is no room and the classrooms are overflowing. They are being crammed into shanties in the stifling Israeli heat, denied opportunity to learn, grow & thrive by the President of the United States, the great ‘Humanist’ of our time.

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

Hope & Change - Thanks for caring President Obama

The same can be said for clinics, health care and any number of other other supposed issues so ‘dear’ to the President’s heart. None of this land in these communities is Palestinian, these are Israeli towns that need services. Unfortunately, it is ever more clear thus far that this President’s heart bleeds primarily for our Arab brothers, but not so much for us it seems, or our children. It is easier to demonize us from the podium, so take a good look Mr. President at the fruits of your labor – Israeli children’s suffering, expected to wait indefinitely one muses for elusive peace and pay the price for American appeasement. This is change we can believe in I guess.. A stark contrast to the lavish private education President Obama has elected to provide his own daughters.

Link Update:
Sensing the weakness, Hamas head Mashal calls on Obama to ‘drop all preconditions’ of renouning violence or recognizing Israel, and proceed directly to Hamas / US talks. Obama did it for Iran & Syria, listed as state sponsors of terror by the USA and currently under sanctions, so why not according to the logic of Hamas add a few more terrorists to the list? Goes nicely with Erekat’s comments that the Palestinians for the 1st time have the ‘upper hand’ on Israel thanks to the President – SHOCKING.

Israel to reject all calls for natural growth freeze in speech to be presented Sunday by PM Netanyahu in response to Obama’s pandering and pressure tactics.

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