Bravery: Voight Stands Up to Call Out Obama, Defend Israel (Video)

Jon Voight, calls Obama’s policies ‘disastrous’. Asks if we are supposed to just wait while a new Holocaust develops, hammers the President on his arrogance for presuming to know & dictate to Israel what is best.. He is clearly concerned for both America, and Israel’s well being.

What can you say other than thank you Mr Voight?

I praise his bravery, because he says what many Americans no doubt think but have no venue or opportunity to express today with such wall to wall media adulation for Obama, and his cult like atmosphere. The Chicago community organizer turned President of the United States based on his ability to read a teleprompter! It is truly historic, and for more reasons than just having a man with African lineage elected to the White House.  As for me here in Israel, what can I say? We knew the guy was a socialist, had ties to black liberation theology which is deeply tied to the American ‘Nation of Islam’ and the Farrakhans of the world, non of it is surprising or shocking sadly.

We saw over & over how for political expediency Obama was willing to toss everyone & anyone under the bus. We knew he was a Palestinian sympathizer, we knew he wanted to ‘engage with’ and pander to the worst rogue regimes.. One could go on listing a litany of facts that we all knew. We saw him pledge not to divide Jerusalem at AIPAC only to do a full 180 the VERY NEXT DAY. In that same speech we saw him promise to NEVER pressure Israel for concessions which might harm her security, yet one of the 1st things he did in office was.. Pressure Israel for dangerous concessions, and it has only now just begun.

Here in Israel we will do our best no doubt to ride it out, but I for one am grateful for our true friends in the USA, and if I haven’t been clear enough until now – Obama is certainly not one of them. Both Jon Voight & Obama visited Sderot to witness the Hamas terrorism first hand, both had strong words of support for our struggle with these terrorists, ironically it appears as if one of them was ‘acting’, it wasn’t Jon Voight.

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    That senile old fool is irrelevant.