Dhimmi in Chief: President Speaks ‘Troof to Power’ at Cairo University (Updated, Video)

The big billing Obama is selling with his ‘new relationships’ is truth. Yesterday he set it up with a softball interview courtesy of Thomas Friedman. The theme was ‘truth’..

But, in his major address which is platformed on truths to address the rift in Muslim & Western ties - There weren’t many. The whole conflict is predicated on a Jihad, a violent holy war which seeks to have a primitive world view based on radical Islam dominate the west. This world view is characterized by terrorism, religious hatred, intolerance, anti semitism, violence, lack of human rights, a lack of value for human life, a lack freedom & education. It is an entirely Islamic owned enterprise, it feeds and breeds in the Arab world which on the whole generally shares many of the same characteristics; Terrorism, lack of freedoms, religious intolerance, subjugation of women, no human rights, poor education.

Missing Link

President Obama fails to see these basic truths, and as a result he placates the Arab & Muslim world to ignore them as well. He sugar coats the ugly realities, terrorism is a concept totally removed from his speech. Democracy, human rights, freedoms, the ideals of American thought and values are totally lacking in the Arab / Muslim world, yet the President never chastises or truly implores for them. He tries to sell the notion that a new relationship can be forged while simply turning a blind eye to the ugliness and basic existence of the very root causes of the original rift itself, an unwillingness to come to terms with truth, apparently by either party. This is the strategy of a coward, an appeaser.

On Israel – Surrounded by troof


Rahm Emanuel pretty much summarizes the Israel Palestinian components of the speech, which are also sold yet again as a ‘bill of truth’, ‘a moment of truth’. Sadly, every time another scheme is hatched up to cover up the ‘truths’, Israel is the one that suffers most while peace, the one truth we seek remains elusive. Instead of facing up to the real truths that the Palestinians have time & again simply rejected peace, statehood, and have instead embraced the unspoken virtues of Jihad against Israel, which finds common cause equally with the Arab World, & radical Islam as above - We play the game.

Every land concession has been met by violence & extremism, by rejection. Non of this was in Obama’s speech, instead he frames the Palestinians as innocent victims. They are not innocent, like Condi Rice before him Obama seemingly seeks to project his own racial experience on the Palestinians. These are not black slaves oppressed by a colonial master, they are willing participants in their lot. This is not truth Mr. President. They have rejected peace, rejected a state, rejected the UNs overtures time and again, they do not reject billions of dollars in aid however or Arab world intransigence, a basic truth to their and the causes continued existence in perpetuity..

Inconvenient Truth

The Gaza handover was also a ‘moment of truth’, it was billed & sold as precisely that. Yes, it was indeed a moment of truth for the Palestinians and the Arab world, look what the real truths wrought. It should have also been a moment of truth for Europe and the American left, to take a good long hard look at reality. Even when every demand they had was filled, when every aspiration acknowledged, when every appeasement was granted – Look at the truth, and what the Palestinians they themselves chose, Hamas. Violent struggle, Jihad.

In both cases, whether it be globally or specifically regarding the Palestinians in his speech Obama fails to force the Arab & Muslim world to look in the mirror and seek the real truths. In both cases, the root causes which co-exist in radical Islam & the Arab World, terrorism, violence, religious hatred & intolerance, ignorance, lack of human rights, abuse of women, homosexuals, minorities.. These are glossed over or simply ignored.

President ‘Poser’

Instead the President sacrifices American ideals & values (by the mere act of this omission) and perpetuates Arab truths, or the infamous Arab / Muslim myths which also share co-existence in the Arab World & Jihad. That is, it is always someone else’s fault. The Christians, The Jews, The Americans, The Israelis, The Saudi’s, what have you. The burnt in effigy figure changes routinely depending on the circumstance or the bit players, but the fundamental truths do not. No conflict between the West & radical Islam, between Israelis and Arabs, or between Americans & the world, or anywhere else can ever truly be solved without facing basic truths..

For Obama to sell something different while calling it ‘troof’ is emblematic of his Presidency, policies, and beliefs so far. His main problem is like his Arab audience which he addresses – He’s full of crap, and everybody from the Christians, to the Muslims, to the Jews right down to the Atheists knows it.

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