Duck & Cover: Sirens Blare Again in Tel Aviv During Unannounced Drill

Civil Defense

No matter how many times you’ve heard the air raid sirens there’s still something unnerving about the blaring horns foretelling doom that can be heard for miles. Yesterday at 11 am nationwide the horns went off in a scheduled test. Today again, in the late afternoon around 5 pm air raid sirens in South Tel Aviv were active, this time the test was not widely publicized..

In my building I could hear two young families scrambling inside as mothers shushed their kids to be quiet while hurrying to protected spaces. I think other aspects of emergency preparedness were tested as well. About an hour before the sirens my cell rang twice. Before I could answer it stopped, checking the number it was not listed. Not unrecognized but unlisted as in no number.

I know that the government has this week been testing a new system to use the cell network as notification in emergencies here. Using local cell towers, only phones within range would be notified of an impending missile attack to their immediate area, prompting people to take appropriate action. These are the 1st tests of such a system which is fairly cutting edge. It may just be coincidence, but there’s a possibility tests of this new alert system for phones were perhaps involved in this unannounced drill.

Here’s a CNN take on the live national drill yesterday, and some MSNBC raw video.