Stalwart Allies: Obama Admin Threatens to Drop Israel’s Support in UN (Updated)

Samantha Power & Susan Rice are Having a Field Day!!

My comment on the new obstacle course Israel is forced to navigate to get some allied weapon support from the US made the rounds this weekend. The chill in US relations is definitely on. Some focus on five or six Apaches and dismiss it as routine government business, perhaps because it doesn’t make CNN, but that misses the whole point. The point is that pressure is being brought to bear on Israel using every tool in the arsenal and this is the change many expected from Obama and many sought to bury their heads over (here’s looking at you, you gorgeous American Jew you..).

Clearly, whether choppers end up delivered or not or sit in review process, offensive weapons sales are being leveraged as part of the pressure tactic for topics like Iran & the Palestinians where American policies have undergone sea change. The F-35 seems farther & farther away, the F-22 instead of going to export and having its assembly lines toil on is scrapped, the F-15SE has export ‘license issues’, our procurement efforts are meeting growing resistance.

At the same time, previous commitments involving billions of dollars of US military sales to the Arab world are moving forward. Egypt is getting attack helicopters, the Saudis & Gulf States are buying up everything they can, even Lebanon despite an imminent possible takeover by Hezbollah is getting attack choppers, dozens of aircraft, tanks and significant US upgrades, including a recent visit by VP Biden.

‘Multilateral Engagement’

In the public relations arena Obama is also clearly leaning the Arabs way, his glowing support of Abbas at the White House in light of Abbas’s own words are certainly show stopping. We are mere days away from yet another Muslim apology speech this time not in Turkey, but Cairo. This week his entire administration’s joint crusade against natural growth in Israeli settlements (despite agreements & assurances given by the United States of America previously) has now gone into diplomatic overdrive..

WASHINGTON – As President Obama prepares to head to the Middle East this week, administration officials are debating how to toughen their stance against any expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The measures under discussion – all largely symbolic – include stepping back from America’s near-uniform support for Israel in the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel does not agree to a settlement freeze, administration officials said.  Other measures include refraining from the instant Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of Mr. Obama’s bully pulpit to criticize the settlements, officials said. [...]

This is a Witch Hunt

Already as predicted many on the left and in the media are salivating over the possibility Obama intends to topple the Netanyahu government with pressure. This natural growth issue has been Israeli policy under every administration, including Olmert’s where it continued as normal. What is manifesting here is the candidate we all saw during the race, the one with allegiances that were fairly clear. What is manifesting here are left wing sympathizers with open disdain for Israel like Samantha Power & Susan Rice, gleefully finally able to stick some needles into that famous ‘sh*tty little country’, the one that causes them endless frustration.

Power may not be getting her infamous ‘US Gazan Defense Forces’ just yet so she will settle for the next best thing apparently and squeeze us from her chair on the NSC, while Rice slaps us around in the UN a bit and Hillary gets her ‘Suha’ on..

We also need to start debating

Let’s begin debating how much lead time we will give America before we theoretically strike, as a result of this feckless President’s ‘hope & changey’ policies, naive worldview, and poisoned advisors. One thing is clear, if we lose American support in the UN over an artificially created crises involving a non event and 4o year long natural settlement growth, in matters of even greater importance we will surely be on our own, so let’s start planning for it from now.

Link Update:
Ed is wondering if this is ‘time well spent?’, perhaps some pushback in a good post. I’d say this issue was chosen by the Obama team as an appeasement gesture from before the two leaders met sadly, and is just one of the clubs being used to clobber home the ‘tough love fetish’ in the administration.

Daled Amos looks directly at the ‘letters from Bush’ issue head on, how much does Bush’s commitment to Israel’s settlements count for now? The question was taken, we seem to be hearing the answer albeit outside the briefing room.

Soccer Dad is wary of left wing media inflating the disagreements because they dislike Bibi so. True, but let’s always please keep in mind that before the media was harping on the Likud & Bibi in these matters, Obama / Biden were first on the ticket to disparage the Likud ‘way of thinking’.

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  • HatlessHessian

    Consistent behavior from Obama. Intentional or not, this will cause greater radicalization. Should Israel lose UN protection from the dictators and tyrants that abuse its processes, the Israel will leave the UN. “Dialog” will be damaged and greater polarization and radicalization will follow.

    Alinsky’s philosophy seeks this outcome. Only through great crisis are the people willing to subject to an all-powerful dictator. So far, Obama’s efforts are proceeding with great ease toward that aim.

  • Peter smith

    Obama putting USA interests first, it really is shocking.

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