Home Front Command: Israel’s Nationwide 5 Day Emergency Drill Underway

Operation ‘Turning Point 3′ – Largest ever civil defense drill to prepare for missile attack

Since the 2nd Lebanon War, and keeping in mind the constant missile threats from Gaza & Iran we’ve been busy in Israel reforming, drilling, and beefing up our armed services and civil defense across the country.

Israel is facing a “real live missile threat” from surrounding Arab countries and needs to be prepared for possible missile attacks at a moment’s notice, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i told The Jerusalem Post Saturday, ahead of the nationwide emergency drill that begins on Sunday. [...]

Recently Israel’s Home Front Command (Pikud Ha’Oref) sent mail-outs to homes including multimedia CDs, maps & magnets for fridges, and info packets informing the population where they stand as far as time alloted in order to react in the event of  missile attack, including instructions on how to prepare the home for war or emergency and how to best prepare shelter. Israel’s Northern & Southern populations have lived vividly with this ongoing reality involving life threatening danger, but now due to the size & range of our enemies missiles the reality has changed – the entire country is under threat.

In the event of Missile Attack

In the event of Missile Attack - Click for the full image / instructions.

We are responding accordingly..

The Turning Point Drill is a national home front drill.

It is a combined drill of the Home Front Command, the National Emergency Authority, the Israeli Police, the Emergency Economy, Magen David Adom, the Fire Department, all government ministries and the local authorities.

The purpose of the drill is to improve the readiness of the organizations and residents to coping with emergencies. Your preparedness and that of your family is key to proper coping in an emergency.

Expansive simulation

This year, our new national drills will involve the entire population culminating nationwide this Tuesday at 11 AM when air raid sirens will go off across the country. As part of the drill, Israelis are requested to simulate an attack and seek immediate shelter in fortified areas, and shelters from their homes, offices, and schools. Various scenarios going on include;

  • Evacuating large high-rise buildings, government office and military facilities
  • Simulating emergency response for both conventional & WMD based missile impacts.
  • Simulations involving Hezbollah, Syrian, Palestinian, Iranian hostilities.
  • Search & Rescue drills from collapsed buildings.
  • Establishing local emergency headquarters.
  • Protecting & responding to attacks on key industrial targets.

Additional sirens and emergency drills will be taking place around the country beyond the nationwide Tuesday drill. For detailed information & instruction including videos, emergency numbers, etc visit the Home Front Command’s public emergency website available in English, Hebrew, Russian & Arabic.

Of course, Hezbollah has declared itself on high alert in light of our drill, fearing it to be I gather cover for an attack. Also interested, representatives from 70 different countries including the USA & Europe attending and observing from Israel, in order to better learn how to protect civilian populations world wide. Maybe someone should show the map to the Obama administration, and bring home the realities of where we live.