Operation ‘White Robe’: 80,000 Mobilized to Secure Pope in Israel

Pope Lands in Tel Aviv, Choppers out to Holy City

A warm welcome to the Pope here in Israel, on his journey to Jerusalem Israel’s capitol for ceremonies, prayers & hopefully closer relations with the Jewish State. He was greeted on the red carpet by PM Netanyahu, President Peres, and over 60 Ministers.

Jerusalem will be tight today, as Operation White Robe has gone into effect to protect the Pope from extremists (Jihadists) during his visit. 80,000 personnel & police deployed to secure the area.

JPOST, YNET, Haaretz on the pope’s arrival & visit.
So far his message in Israel, the Holy Land – ┬áIs one of hope for peace, and the need to combat rising anti-semitism worldwide.

  • B”H

    Gee, I can hardly wait to battle Jerusalem traffic tomorrow.

    I’ll probably end up walking most of the way to work.