HH 216: Old Jewish Man Goes to Carnival Edition

Jack over at the shack has the latest Jewish blogging roundup from the past week, ready to go for you.

He’s celebrating a 40th birthday and in fine form already kvetching like an 80 year old lol. Clearly Jack has mastered the art of the Jewish old man at the tender age of 40! Even kabbalah experts don’t attain this sort of wisdom normally during their entire lifetimes! Expect both his testes to dry up into little raisins any decade now..

Until then here’s to wishing the young gun a happy birthday! Let’s all hope he eats plenty of bran & tasty fibre and keeps his colon clean.. otherwise he may have a dirty colon, I don’t know what that might entail, but it sounds bad..

  • B”H

    Hey, Dude?

    You’re youthful looks don’t fool anyone.  You KNOW what’s around the corner…

    We’ll remember to be “kind” to you, too, when you’re 40th arrives.


  • Tis true, I’ll be there soon enough lol..
    I’m going to ask Jack if he can apprentice me in these mystical arts, I want to kvetch with the best of ‘em!!

    When I hit the magic number I want them to say in the streets of Israel.. ‘you see that little, young lookin old guy? That’s Jack be Nimble’s apprentice – He can Kvetch-Press 400lbs!!’

  • Thanks. Your training begins now. ;)