‘Great Society’: Iran Confiscates 84,000 Satellite Dishes

American President via video message called on Iran to display..
Peaceful actions that demonstrate the true greatness of the Iranian people and civilization“.

Problem is, Iran is not led by peaceful people – Nor does it display under Islamic Fundamentalist rule much in the way of true greatness. While the US President was busy pandering to the Iranian regime, they’ve been busy curtailing personal freedom, hanging juveniles, stoning people, and all sorts of family fun activities befitting the great societies of our time..

Iran Focus – London, May 8 – Iran’s State Security Forces (SSF) confiscated 84,000 satellite dishes during the Persian calendar year that ended March 20.

“In the past year, 84,000 satellite receivers and other satellite appliances have been discovered and seized by police”, said the head of the SSF anti-smuggling department. “Fighting against forbidden and anti-cultural goods is the priority in our department”, he said. His remarks were carried by the state-run news agency Fars on Wednesday.

SSF agents went up rooftops in Tehran and other major cities removing satellite dishes which are banned in Islamic Iran. The Islamic Republic banned satellite dishes in 1995. The crackdown on satellite dishes was prompted by broadcasts from Iranian opposition groups whose television programs reportedly have a large audience in Iran.

Other examples of Mullah greatness this week via the Focus:
Dela Darabi – Beautiful Iranian juvenile hung secretly this past week;
Bombarding Iraqi Kurds in violation of Iraqi sovereignty;
Steadily progressing toward a secret & illicit nuclear weapons program;
Reaffirming deadly support for terrorist organizations

We can go on & on..
Just a few examples of the ‘Great Regime’ the Obama Administration seeks to appease at the expense of America’s allies like Israel, and Iran’s yearning to be free of oppression peoples & reformers.

Via Daled Amos, the Arab world is also thrilled with the appeasement effort so far, rebuffing both envoys Denis Ross & SecDef. Gates – Who were on missions to smooth over ruffled feathers. Mission Status? Failed.