Always Fresh: Subway to Give it Another Go in Israel

Sandwich maker has new franchisee..

We used to have a bunch of SUBWAYS restaurants in Israel, but the franchise folded. Globes reports that a new investor has picked up the American chain’s rights in Israel with plans underway to open up in Herzliah, with dozens more on the way if it all works out.. Including a planned marquee store in the heart of Tel Aviv’s Rothschild district.

Globes – Subway Restaurants is returning to Israel after a hiatus of several years. The sandwich chain has rented a 130-square meter restaurant in Beit Corex on Maskit Street in Herzliya Pituah will pay NIS 130 per square meter per month in a five-year lease with a five-year option to extend [...]

Personally, in light of the lack of outlets I have mastered the ‘Art of Subway’ at home where I build monstrous baguette based turkey sandwiches to the great delight of my cat & the local supermarket owner. But I’m in the Rothschild area often so maybe they can tempt me in again.. The area now features another fresh addition, a Mickey Ds – M’caffe complete in the American style.

Can’t say I’ve had the coffee just yet as my visits to McDs usually involve the ritual sacrifice of cows and the gentle sizzling of fries. No word on whether you can get a kosher sub just yet, I’d say odds are high, as you can already wrangle a kosher Big Mac in Israel without too much trouble. Of course the best part about Mcdonalds in Israel usually involves watching all the cute Israeli female soldiers picking up ice cream..

Hmmm.. ‘would you care for some nuts with that?’