Obama’s Latest Genius: Israel Should Join NPT says State Department (Updated)

I appease, therefore I am:
The Obama Assault on Allies continues..

(JPOST ) Israel should join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), a pact intended to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, a top US official said Tuesday.

“Universal adherence to the NPT itself, including by India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea…remains a fundamental objective of the United States,” Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller was quoted by Reuters as saying at a meeting of NPT signatories. Gottemoeller would not say whether the US intended to press Israel to join the treaty.

Former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s chief strategist, Dov Weisglass, said Gottemoeller’s comments were very alarming. “If these statements indicate a change in American policy on this issue, I believe this may be the most worrisome development for Israel’s security in many years,” he told Army Radio.

Just how intent is the new administration in totally weakening and destroying the State of Israel is a question we should start asking?

  • With Samantha Power on the national security council (who advocated US forces invade Israel to protect the Palestinians from genocide) whispering sweet nothings in his ear.
  • A twenty year stint in the Church of ‘we hate Israel, America & Jews’ under his belt.
  • A Chief of Staff who is an Israeli American ‘Ballerina’
  • A Sec. of State who threatens to quid pro quo us to death in ‘return’ for helping stem our common mortal enemy Iran.
  • A National Security Advisor who sends telegrams to Europe boasting of how ‘forceful America intends to be against its ally Israel’ including language involving not ‘rolling us under a bus’ just yet
  • A VP who when he isn’t shoving a full boot in his mouth counts us as best friends, yet threatened to terminate our Military Aid..

I can’t say I’m all too surprised.

Israel’s nuclear ambiguity and deterrent has safeguarded the State for over 40 years, and has been a corner stone of our security & defense policy, and incidentally Israel has been a corner stone of America’s security and defense policy for decades now under that very same ambiguity.

The apparent lengths this administration in America intends to go to in order to wring out pain from Israel as a policy of appeasing the biggest dregs on the planet appears astounding nonetheless.

Bert & Ernie have taken over America

Even more frightening, Obama and his new administration really do believe that America, Israel and everyone else can just dismantle all the nuclear weapons, live safely & peacefully ever after.. and all the bad guys everywhere will all just go along too! Nuclear terrorism, no a problem, rogue regimes? Who needs ‘em, why worry? It boggles the mind. Its as if the United States of America is being run by the producers of Sesame Street.

Update: From Haaretz

[...] A senior Foreign Ministry official voiced amazement Wednesday at the U.S. call for Israel to join the treaty.

“The Non-Proliferation Treaty has failed to prevent any country that wanted to from obtaining nuclear weapons,” the source said.

“The examples of Libya, Iraq, the current example of Iran, which signed the treaty, only demonstrates this; therefore, it is hard to understand the insistence that Israel should sign the treaty as a miracle cure for the world’s ills.” [...]

Yup, we’re amazed all right.. Our #1 ally on the planet is being run by a bunch of amateurs who frankly don’t have a clue what they are doing, either that or this is simply the most hostile & sinister American administration to the State of Israel EVER in the over 6 decade long relationship – Currently enjoying 80% American Jewry support rates, go figure?

  • Norris Hall

    If the Obama administration caves into Israel it will prove that Jewish influence in America is so strong it determines American foreign policy.
    Already politician in Congress are running scared and promising to sign letters supporting Israel’s hardline position on a two state solution.
    What we do know is that unless Israel is prepared to push Arabs into the sea, there won’t be peace in Israel any time soon.
    Israel’s model is America’s conquest of the American Indians who lost their land and their voice in the face of overwhelming military might.
    Israel hopes that Palestinians will be gradually forced to their knees too…without the need to trade land for peace.
    It’s objective is a Jewish state with an Arab population without any voice.
    Essentially they plan to colonize Israel

  • We determine US foreign policy? Think about that for a second, the world’s superpower controlled by tiny Israel, you know if that were true that we controlled US policy don’t you think we would have renamed it the United States of Israel by now?

    Colonize Israel, Israel is a vibrant nation, a leader in science technology & the arts.. My friend, you have it all backwards. 20% of Israelis are Arabs, they are parliament members, supreme court justices, they vote, they partake in Israeli life fully -  The Palestinians like Arab nations are insisting that no Jews / Israelis be allowed to live under their governments in a future state. It’s obscene how backwards you have it.

    And why shouldn’t we take a hardline on a 2 state solution, you know the Palestinians have been trying to kill us here for a while now, we control the land, we have the state, we have the power in the negotiation, facts of life. - The Palestinians rejected it all a bunch of times now -  what do they give us in return exactly? faux peace? You are very generous with our land, but we are the ones negotiating and we are a democracy so we will decide what, who when & where.. whether Obama, or anyone else likes it or not – that’s the reality. If the American President thinks otherwise he is a fool being advised by a ship of fools as Israel is in an alliance with the USA, we are not American slaves or a feather in his presidency’s cap. May I add that every single Israeli govt in history has been open to, and actively trying to negotiate peace – You just choose not to see it.

  • Vivian Maher

    Saus, Israel is less an ally than a strategic liability. What wars has Israel ever joined us in? How much money does Israel give to American interests? What state of the art technology do they provide us? Did Mossad help prevent 9/11? Israel, time and time again has proved to be the beggar with choice. Israel, is the number one country in the world in terms of espionage against America. Israel sells American military secrets to the Chinese and Russians, Israel provides some of our eye-only sat-intel that we provide to them to the Russians. For us being their only benefactor on this planet, Israel surely has a poor way of showing gratitude. Take away AIPAC, the dual loyalty politicians and the misguided Evangelical dim-wits and Israel will be seen for the country that it is. For as long as those aforementioned groups are in place, and the vast majority of my fellow Americans are willing to buy into this fallacy of Israel and America being divinely joined at the hips, Israel will continue to carry out policies that a mere 60 years ago they escaped from while all the while being protected by the Jane Harmans and AIPAC agents of the world in direct opposition of American interests.

  • Strategic liability? That’s rich.

    Israel has joined America in literally every war of the modern era providing vital intelligence considered the best in the world. Beyond that, Israeli technology has benefited American servicemen saving American lives. The MRAP which has saved thousands of US soldier’s lives in Iraq due to its armor, which was developed in Israel is just one example of hundreds. That’s directly saving American soldiers lives, what have you done to save an American soldier today Vivian?

    You spin conspiracy regarding 9/11 when in actuality vital information & intelligence to protect America stemmed mainly from Israel after those horrific attacks. Information on how to defend & fight against terrorism, insurgencies, how to defend cities, people, soft targets. Mayors, police, EMS, experts in every field of civil defense have come to Israel to learn how to best protect American lives.. I’m just picking out of the blue.

    You are living in a fantasy sadly – If not for Israel you probably would not be here typing these messages as Israel invented the cellphone, IM, every Intel CPU sold today was developed in Israel, aside from the USA the country most represented on the NASDAQ is Israel, Israel per capita has the most startup companies in the world, the Californian high tech corridors booms, & Silicone Valley might not exist today if not for the America Israel relationship, I could go on forever but here’s more reading about Israel’s benefits, please don’t visit lest your worldview be eviscerated..

    How much money? - The number is not quantifiable.

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