GOP Rising: Gingrich, Cantor dominate at AIPAC 2009 (Video)

Republicans out in force

I have of course been rigorously following events at the 2009 AIPAC conference, having viewed almost all the video thus far one thing is clear. Some of the speakers have stood head & shoulders above the general crowd with stirring words, and even more sound ideas.

Whip it good..

The minority whip, Eric Cantor gave a heartfelt speech referencing his Jewish roots and lessons learned with stark warnings to American supporters of Israel and Jewish Americans in general, he eloquently chastised American Jewry for being asleep regarding the mounting threats from Iran, the mounting anti semitism in American media, and the virulent anti Israel & anti American sentiments boiling over on American university campuses.

The theme was ‘when is it too late to act’, and the message was clear. American Jewry enamored with itself and others are waiting too long, averting their eyes to painful realities. It is a theme most reminiscent of the late 1930s.

New America? – Gingrich steals the show..

Without question thus far, the most inspired speech and the one which really drew my attention was from Newt. It is no secret that with his new America foundation & concepts Gingrich is big on solutions, a rarity today. It is one thing to speak with emotion or clarity, another even to be able to parse through realities and highlight issues and threats succinctly, but to actually propose well thought out plans and solutions that is a rarity indeed.

Gingrich had the crowd on their feet over & over again and with good reason. Lookout, when a room packed with liberals applauds vigorously for themes & concepts flowing from a top notch conservative thinker it means there is something very valid in the message. Newt liberally tossed in a few plugs for his own projects which felt a bit canned, but his grasp of history, his ability to outline the challenges and solutions so succinctly, his no nonsense approach stewed in reality was refreshing and inspiring. He was without question a star at AIPAC 2009.

Here are some short highlights, the full speech roughly 20 minutes long is worth viewing at AIPAC.

Thus far, Obama’s own administration, and the Democrats speaking have been long on platitude, short on meat and potatoes. Biden & Kerry spent a lot of time calling for concessions from Israel and offering few solutions. One wonders when exactly American Jewry will indeed wake up as Cantor implores, if ever..

  • B”H

    I am no fan of AIPAC, nor any American Jewish organization, for that matter.  ZOA is OK, but still….

    Glad to hear that Cantor admonished American Jews,…sort of.

    Too bad he doesn’t resign, make aliyah, and tell everyone else to get out while they still can.

  • lol, you are hardcore Yaaqov – AIPAC & ZOA are good, we still need friends even when we are going it alone..