Moron: Olbermann Compares Obama to Moon Landing

Dumbest Man on TV?

If you ever watch him on MSNBC you already know, Olbermann is an idiot. He’s over the top, partisan, often factually incorrect, and instead of allowing the natural events of the news to stir interest & curiosity in the viewer he usually prefers to showcase himself. In short, he is the exact antithesis of the classic definition of a newsman.

That’s why I found this so alluring, not only does Olbermann compare the greatest technological achievement of mankind in its time, to the election of Obama! Which isĀ absurd in itself to the point of mockery, he also seemingly alludes to his own ‘greatness’ at the same time.

He famously likes to liken himself to Walter Cronkite, using Cronkite’s sign off lines & mannerisms liberally in his nightly ‘showpieces’.. Here he elevates idiocy to all new levels equating himself to Cronkite in an offhand manner the night Man left the atmosphere and landed men on the Moon, complete with incoherent analogies. A double shot of idiocy from the king of the morons himself.. Is it any wonder MSNBC has become the clown network?