Bush Bashing: President has whacked Hezbollah & Syria hard this week

Lame Duck?

The Bush Administration may be on its way out but there’s something to be said about the time period between administrations. We saw this week an intense American assault in what appears to be hot pursuit, land American forces into Syria, do some live firefighting and raze part of a village. It is still unclear what their targets were but this is the 1st time in 7 years of Bush’s presidency where we’ve seen this kind of bold moves on the Syrian involvement or lack thereof in stabilizing Iraq.

By the same token, America’s international anti-terrorism efforts scored huge this past week. It is little reported but a massive terror funding ring has been blown wide open in a long, complex US anti-terror and anti drug investigation which has revealed massive ties between Hezbollah & South American and Colombian Narco trafficking. An entire Hezbollah criminal drug funding ring has been busted while at the same time revealing the deep tentacles that organization has to brutal criminal elements and enemies of America. The Terrorists are dealing drugs for profit.

At the same time American intervention in financial markets have brought the dollar up, and oil way way down. The collapse of oil has put a sudden blast of hurt on Iran financially. All together not bad for a ‘lame duck’ President. I pray Obama could accomplish as much in a week.

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  • This is what I want to do when I grow up! :)

    (The investigation side of it, not the smuggling/terrorism, just to be clear!!!)