ISRAELI ELECTIONS: Kadima Fails to ‘coalesce’

Power to the People

Kadima under Livni is trying to spin their failure to put together a viable coalition majority, citing an end to ‘political extortion’. In some ways they are right. Kadima is referring to the billions of shekels worth of spending parties requested in order to play ball. But truthfully, the price to pay for the public was even before the billions too high.

The real extortion has been ongoing – A government that has been plagued by;

  • failed strategies
  • failed military achievements
  • massive corruption

While at the same time veering far from its mandated platform, has been scheming along the political strata at the public’s expense for over a year. A deposed but still leading in a transitional government PM, a new Kadima party leader who failed to inspire even an internal party win, wild secret and not so secret negotations coalition wise and diplomatically / internationally, along with nary a statement or political platform, or plan submitted to the public. This steam engine has lacked an engineer for a while now.

In the mean time, serious security matters and state affairs all seemingly have gone on unattended, resulting in deeply negative public opinion. In short, Livni’s failure has saved us from continued totally un-mandated, chaos.

Election roll out

One of two scenarios can play out. President Peres can now afford 28 days for another candidate to try and form a coalition, this is unlikely but that candidate would be leader of the opposition Bibi. Failing that elections would take place likely in February. The Knesset parties can also come to agreement and set an election date themselves to advance the process. Until then, Olmert controls the transitional govt. Should he be indicted in the interim theoretically Livni would head the transitional government. The absurdity of that statement says it all.

Vying with each other for votes

Livni – Kadima
Ehud Barak – Labor


Netanyahu – Likud
Eli Yshai – Shas
Lieberman – Israel Beitenu

The Smaller Parties:
Meretz, UTJ, Pensioners, NRP, 3 Arab Parties.
  • The Kadima party should change its name to <i>Achora</i>, to match the direction in which it was leading the country.