Margin of Error: American War Hero Never Says Quit

Media on a 24-7 non stop Obama love fest for months on end, yet he has STILL sealed nothing

Gallup within the margin of error..
Gallup within the margin of error..

Financial turmoil, military threats, terrorism, inflation, jobs, out of control spending. The task will be herculean for America going forward but they have persevered before. Who can lead in such times of turmoil? A neophyte fast talking faster spending deficit amassing one term Senator, or a bi-partisan senior Senator with a 5 year stint as a war hero, never broken even by the Vietcong? Is it about character, if it is who shows it in spades..

A better question, who lacks it?

All I know is if the roles were reversed, if Obama were being hammered everyday all day by the media he would not have held composition for even an hour. He jumps to racism whenever challenged, he’s all flash no substance, and I believe he’d break within minutes. Fold America’s cards to her enemies and in the face of every challenge domestic or foreign - that’s truly how I feel. If looking in from the outside as I am, one were to judge this race by the coverage, by the media, by the bias Obama should be leading 89 to 11%.

Shabtai Zvi come again?

As a political junkie I’ve never seen anything like this media torrent, to me Obama is nothing more than Shabtai Zvi. The man who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah spreading waves of excitement across the Jewish world, only to cave in the face of Judaisms enemies the moment he was actually challenged.. He converted to Islam rather than stand his ground sowing despair amongst his people.

Obama may be buying up America and its media with his campaign war chest, but America can no longer afford to simply buy up the world, divided internally and somewhat cash strapped it seems rather obvious they are going to need a leader.. Not a big spender to overcome. In the end, they will inevitably get what they ordered either way.

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