Jesse Jackson: Obama will cut down Israel and bring ‘justice’

Leading African American Democrat hails Palestinian deliverer..

As if we weren’t already concerned here with the American left’s steady march towards open hostility regarding Israel, the advisors surrounding Obama who hold openly antagonistic views to the Jewish State, Obama’s own ties to radical preacher / hater Wright, and prominent Palestinians in the US, the Iranian & Arab quiet endorsements, the Hamas support..

Now Jesse Jackson spells it out

PREPARE for a new America: That’s the message that the Rev. Jesse Jackson conveyed to participants in the first World Policy Forum, held at this French lakeside resort last week.

He promised “fundamental changes” in US foreign policy – saying America must “heal wounds” it has caused to other nations, revive its alliances and apologize for the “arrogance of the Bush administration.”

The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where “decades of putting Israel’s interests first” would end.  Jackson believes that, although “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades” remain strong, they’ll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.

“Obama is about change,” Jackson told me in a wide-ranging conversation. “And the change that Obama promises is not limited to what we do in America itself. It is a change of the way America looks at the world and its place in it.”

Jackson warns that he isn’t an Obama confidant or adviser, “just a supporter.” But he adds that Obama has been “a neighbor or, better still, a member of the family.” Jackson’s son has been a close friend of Obama for years, and Jackson’s daughter went to school with Obama’s wife Michelle.

“We helped him start his career,” says Jackson. “And then we were always there to help him move ahead. He is the continuation of our struggle for justice not only for the black people but also for all those who have been wronged.” [...]

He goes on hitting on everything from Mexico, to black slavery, to Iraq.. Normally I’d be skeptical of Jesse’s views since he doesn’t represent the traditional democratic mainstream, but in this case these are worldview fears commonly discussed & aired by Israel’s supporters for months now regarding Obama.

I don’t pretend to say Obama will actively seek to harm Israel or damage the strong alliance between us & America, only that his ‘game changing’ policies and sure to be futile diplomacy moves resulting in pressure on the Jewish state, will. Obama hails from the liberal far left portion of the Democratic party. Perhaps Jackson doesn’t represent the democrat mainstream, but Obama who shares many of those same extreme liberal views now does so by default as his party’s nominee for President. How’s about a bit more? Sure..

[...] “Barack wants an aggressive and dynamic diplomacy,” he says. “He also wants adequate preparatory work. We must enter the talks after the ground has been prepared,” he says.

Jackson is especially critical of President Bush’s approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict. “Bush was so afraid of a snafu and of upsetting Israel that he gave the whole thing a miss,” Jackson says. “Barack will change that,” because, as long as the Palestinians haven’t seen justice, the Middle East will “remain a source of danger to us all.”

“Barack is determined to repair our relations with the world of Islam and Muslims,” Jackson says. “Thanks to his background and ecumenical approach, he knows how Muslims feel while remaining committed to his own faith.”

Great, he may be leading the nation and be joined by a fully powered US House & Senate to boot.

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