New Liberal Definition: Can We Start Again? (Stephane Dion Video)

My MP running to be Prime Minister of Canada (HT Hotair)

The audacity of hope, literally. I don’t know frankly what is more audacious, the cluelessness the of the new left, or the audacity of our media shoveling it down our throats as the new majority endlessly. Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to get a look behind the scenes of this media political machine?

Well, about 4 days shy of national election it seems Stephane Dion Liberal leader is getting some audacity of his own, with the airing of this CTV News interview gem below. I guess at some point even the sympathetic media needs to stop, take a look at the left they are touting like crazy and say, can we start again? Kinda sucks for him, maybe if he had undergone a sex change operation or painted himself less white he’d have gotten off on this one.. We’ll never know lol.

We are beyond the language barrier here and into stupido territory incidentally. Much more at Kate’s Small Dead Animals. Don’t forget to cast your vote this Tuesday Canucks, lest you miss out on this golden opportunity to pay Carbon Taxes!