Defeatist: 92% of Israeli Jews prepared to ‘Engage in Military Battle’

National Pride Peaking Despite Surrender Govt & Media

Why is Olmert constantly surrendering to everyone? Surrendering territory, prisoners, concessions, his own seat, Zionist ideals, the list is endless. He’s outdone only by the left leaning Israeli media itself, which gets whipped up into an ecstasy over any form of surrender possible, on any front! Even now we are being led to surrender to Livni’s unelected goals of leadership, surrender to the notion Iran will be a nuclear nation, surrender to all the PA’s goals & enable the weakening of Israel..

Who decided for us?

According to these numbers, whomever has decided is radically off base.

Poll: Israelis remain proud and patriotic (JPOST)

Israelis have continued to display resilience and optimism in defiance of Palestinian terrorism, the Iranian threat, political uncertainty and occasional economic downturns, according to the 2008 Survey of Patriotism among Israeli Jews.

In the survey, published by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Center, 92 percent of those questioned said they were proud to be Jewish, while 90% said they considered themselves patriotic.

Eighty-five percent said they opposed dividing Jerusalem in exchange for peace with the Palestinians, while 92% said they would actively engage in a military battle for Israel.

Despite the threats Israel faces, 87% of those polled said they preferred being Israelis than citizens of any other country; 86% said they would prefer living in Israel, even if Iran acquires nuclear weapons.

Eighty-three percent expressed support for the hoisting of the flag on Independence Day, while 90% said they were enraged when people act contemptuously during the nationwide siren on Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars. [...]

When do we get to vote? I am part of the 90+ percent. I am not demoralized by the many threats & challenges to Israel, I’m demoralized by the pseudo democracy we are being served here and the Olmert Livni Barak trio of capitulation. Olmert is a broken man? That’s his problem. Take Barak & Livni with you and stop surrendering this country to everyone who lines up.