Fine Wine: Pounding Obama on Israel has never looked this good

Better than Six Flags!!

Yes, I hassle the Democratic nominee to no end. Seeing as he pretty much gets a free ride everywhere else I’m figuring somebody’s gotta do it. In any case, surely the big foreign policy debate on Friday deserves giving Obama another shot or two, No? Though McCain hitting him with that classic ‘oh please’ line in reference to negotiating with Iran was pretty classic.. I wasn’t hooked up to any of Frank Luntz’s fancy dialometers but I felt my favorables shooting up for McCain nonetheless : )

Capturing my worldview

It was Kinda like the feeling I got when I read this by Yoram Ettinger, which captures my thinking on these matters so succinctly I’m kinda wishing I wrote it.. I skipped some of the intro but captured the meaty stuff below.

Obama, McCain and Israel – Who really stands by Israel? Obama’s, McCain’s worldviews provide the answer.


1. According to McCain, World War III between Western democracies and Islamic terror/rogue regimes is already in process. According to Obama, the conflict is with a radical Islamic minority, which could be dealt with through diplomacy, foreign aid, cultural exchanges and a lower US military profile. Thus, McCain’s worldview highlights – while Obama’s worldview downplays – Israel’s role as a strategic ally. McCain recognizes that US-Israel relations have been shaped by shared values, mutual threats and joint interests and not by frequent disagreements over the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Right away while reading this I was thinking this is not standard fare, my second thought was I’ve been wasting a lot of time and effort, this worldview motif is the way to go and Ettinger is clearly a genius.

2. According to Obama, the US needs to adopt the worldview of the Department of State bureaucracy (Israel’s staunchest critic in Washington,) pacify the knee-jerk-anti-Israel-UN, move closer to the Peace-at-any-Price-Western Europe and appease the Third World, which blames the West and Israel for the predicament of the Third World and the Arabs. On the other hand, McCain contends that the US should persist – in defiance of global odds – in being the Free World’s Pillar of Fire, ideologically and militarily.

After this second paragraph my love for all things Ettinger was blossoming, because the only thing possibly more fun than slamming Obama in America.. is slamming the US Department of State! This man does both those things in one go, while still elevating America itself to its rightful pedestal of awesomeness – Poetry Yoram, poetry.

3. According to Obama, Islamic terrorism constitutes a challenge for international law enforcement agencies and terrorists should be brought to justice. According to McCain, they are a military challenge and should be brought down to their knees. Obama’s passive approach adrenalizes the veins of terrorists and intensifies Israel’s predicament, while McCain’s approach bolsters the US’ and Israel’s war on terrorism.

The over the top bring them to their knees bit? Loved it. To say nothing of the plain truths here. Terrorists understand only one thing, force. NO NEGOTIATIONs, no court rooms, no rules of civic law. These are not deterrents, there is no room for Law & Order ‘technicalities’ with terrorists - In Israel this is plainly understood.

4. Obama and his advisors assume that Islamic terrorism is driven by despair, poverty, erroneous US policy and US presence on Muslim soil in the Persian Gulf. On the other hand, McCain maintains that Islamic terrorism is driven by ideology, which considers US values (freedom of expression, religion, media, movement, market and Internet) and US power a most lethal threat that must be demolished. McCain’s worldview supports Israel’s battle against terrorism, demonstrating that the root cause of the Arab-Israel conflict is not the size – but the existence – of Israel.

The Liberal apologist blame the West 1st worldview, and its relation to Israel neatly tied up here. You would think these simple concepts would be obvious, sadly that is not the case. Despite 300+ advisors Obama just doesn’t get it.

5. Contrary to McCain, Obama is convinced – just like Tony Blair – that the Palestinian issue is the core cause of Middle East turbulence and anti-Western Islamic terrorism, and therefore requires a more assertive US involvement, exerting additional pressure on Israel. The intriguing assumption that a less-than-100 year old Palestinian issue is the root cause of 1,400 year old inter-Arab Middle East conflicts and Islamic terrorism, would deepen US involvement in Israel-Palestinians negotiations and transform the US into more of a neutral broker and less of a special ally of Israel, which would drive Israel into sweeping concessions.

We certainly can’t have any of that, it is never ending with the concessions & appeasement. These failed Iraq Study Group concepts blow chunks – Failed, dis-proven, and flawed. Even if we conceded all of Israel it would bring about no change in the Global Jihad. The appeasers tried to play that tune in Iraq but AEI, McCain, Bush, Lieberman and Petraeus along with about 20,000 extra US forces proved them quite wrong. The road to Baghdad does not pass through Jerusalem after all it seems huh Baker? Ooops.

Obama’s worldview would be welcomed by supporters of an Israeli rollback to the 1949 ceasefire lines, including the repartitioning of Jerusalem and the opening of the “Pandora Refugees’ Box.” On the other hand, McCain’s worldview adheres to the assumption that an Israeli retreat would convert the Jewish State from a power of deterrence to a punching bag, from a producer – to a consumer – of national security and from a strategic asset to a strategic burden in the most violent, volatile and treacherous region in the world.

The writer is a Middle Eastern and American affairs expert

You can say that again, Ettinger captures the essence of the race, the Israel US relationship, the global menace, the threat of terrorism, as well as everyone’s role (Israel’s included) concisely in one power packed opinion piece. I’m impressed and I’m I’m pretty jaded guy over all, I don’t impress easily.