Diminishing Returns: US Jewish support for Obama at historic lows

Obama pulling only 57% of those polled, While an astounding 76 to 80 percent supported the Democratic candidate in 4 previous elections..

It’s not looking too good in the US Yid department.

Despite near Messianic fervor on the far left for Mr Obama, the one term, one year serving Senator who has been hounded by much weaker foreign policy views; Including welcoming talks with Iran & Syria, waffling on Jerusalem’s unity, being endorsed by Israel’s enemies, and mentoring for 20 years under a wildly anti Semitic Church - is struggling to pull American Jewish voters according to the latest polling. There’s shocker, huh?

One Man’s loss is another man’s gain

On the flip side McCain is pulling strong numbers for the Republicans at 30%, with an alarming for Obama 13% still undecided. Perhaps they will run home to papa as they say, but if they don’t and if say 8-10% went McCain’s way he would set a monumental Jewish American support record for the GOP, perhaps cracking a whopping 40% – Unheard of.

From JPOST below (also at Haaretz)

Obama leads 57 percent to 30% among those polled in the American Jewish Committee’s 2008 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion, with 13% undecided, but he significantly trails the Jewish vote for recent Democratic presidential candidates.

By contrast, John Kerry received 76% of the Jewish vote four years ago against George W. Bush, and in the three prior presidential elections, Democrats won 78% to 80% of Jewish votes. [...]

Jpost goes on to note that Palin is not very popular with those polled at only 37% approval while Biden weighs in with a strong 73%. Palin’s not very well known, I’m less surprised by the VP numbers, she still bests McCain overall. But illuminating is this..

The economy was seen as the most important issue. Fifty-four percent of respondents said that was the one issue they would “most like the candidates to discuss,” with 11% answering health care, 6% the war in Iraq and just 3% answering Israel.

How would you explain those numbers? Perhaps like this..

Obama has already lost on the foreign policy issue, and those polled perhaps want to weigh still outstanding views on the economy, or they just don’t factor much for Israel. Which makes less sense when you view Obama’s historic lows and the juicy 30 McCain pulls in the poll. He’s already 6 points HIGHER than Bush, who in 2004 was seen as a very close friend to the Jewish State only 3 years after 9/11 yet, and who himself upped that Jewish support number by 4 or 5%.

In any case, that low 57% support number polled could spell disaster in key swing states. I expect Obama to lay it on thick re: Israel in tonight’s debate if it stays on the Foreign Policy topic, thicker than we have ever seen. He could backtrack fully on a number of issues (Iran), and mirror his strong sounding but fleeting AIPAC speech the day after he won nomination. I believe they call it pandering in America lol.

What choice does he have? Have you seen these numbers? No wonder the NJDC & J Street behaved like depraved lunatics this past week, they are likely in a frothy panic.