Beer Break: Links & Mexican Pilsner

Ummm.. Beer.

Ummm.. Beer.

Enjoyable things on a Thursday evening in Tel Aviv include Florentine, the sheik cool spot to hang in what looks like war torn South TA where I live, or surfing. Seeing as I am surfing, that’s not a very good reason to avoid the whole beer part.

That’s why I was pretty excited to pick up a few cans of Tecate imported Mexican brew this afternoon..

There’s a little fiesta in every can..

Tecate is most popular in Baja & Socal, but I’ve enjoyed it beforehand on trips farther south into Mexico too. It’s a great pilsner. Sol made by the same brewery is quite a bit more well known & popular, but it doesn’t come in cool tallboy aluminum cans like this, irresistible really. Oddly enough this treat cost me the same amount of shekels as an equivalently sized Israeli beer, making me one happy surfer tonight : )

Here are some links to chase the late summer heat
(It’s still hitting 30 centigrade here, yeeha!)

Shimon Peres’ speech to the UN (Elder)
Reuters Hearts Neturei Karta (LGF)
Washington Post Had The Real J-Street Pegged Back In April (Daled Amos)
Bogus Poll Intended to Boost Obama (PJM)
Country first *UPDATED* (Bookworm)
Dirty politics from Camp Obama (Phillips)
20 questions we would ask McCain and Obama (FP Blog)

Of course, I read these already which means mostly I’ll be drinking beer ; )