Collective Shaft: Shas Seeks to Unite Haredi Parties (Updated)

Group Shaft! : Just what we needed, a collection of sellouts

The most disappointing party in Israel today by far is Shas. Despite having its former leader Ariyeh Deri thrown out on bribery & corruption charges, nothing has changed at Shas. They are still open to bribery, in fact despite being a religious party.. Standard support for religious issues, such as uniting Jerusalem eternally, protecting Israeli settlements etc have all taken a back seat to political & cash payouts.


For nearly three years now Shas has kept the corrupt Kadima Olmert administration in power as kingmaker of the coalition in return for flat out political appointments & payments. It is blatant to the point of being shocking. Now Shas is again joining the coalition this time under Livni, that much is clear.. DESPITE the fact that Livni is the sole negotiator with the Palestinians, and the openly acknowledged fact she is negotiating away Jerusalem! Mind boggling how Shas pretends to defend Jerusalem while at the same time openly making deals and actually selling out the city.. It’s heartbreaking really.

More Power..

Now Ynet reports Shas seeks to unite religious parties in Israel as a coalition block, to secure more power and apparently sell Jerusalem out collectively!

Haredi cooperation? Shas Chairman Eli Yishai met Wednesday with Knesset Member Yakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) in a bid to form a united ultra-Orthodox bloc in the negotiations with newly elected Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni.

The two discussed the possibility of joining a new Livni-led government together. A source close to Minister Yishai said following the meeting that “he has been working to form a bloc with UTJ in terms of the child allowances, which are the key issue for both parties. [...]

The two parties did not name a recommended candidate for forming the next government in their meetings with President Shimon Peres earlier this week. Together, Shas and UTJ have 18 MKs, nearly equaling the Labor Party which has 19 members in the Knesset.

Earlier Wednesday, Yishai appointed Attorney David Glass and Prof. Yohanan Shatsman as his representatives in the coalition talks with Kadima. He instructed them that the Jerusalem issue should not be discussed and that there should be no compromise on the child allowance issue. [...]

Everyone acknowledges that the non discussion of Jerusalem is an open farce. How can religious parties sell out the holy city for money & power!? The contrast with diaspora haredi communities is striking, the strongest proponents for a united Jerusalem and maintaining a greater Israel are religious Jews abroad. This wheeling and dealing for money is a national Jewish tragedy. If the haredi community won’t join in support to defend Jerusalem and the communities all around it teeming with religious families who will?

Most shocking of all, with a sizable 12 seats, and now a potential block of 18 the silence from these parties respective voters on this farce is deafening, the lack of leadership by Rabbinical authorities astounding. Eli Yishai is eating ‘Pork’ in the temple, if this isn’t hillul Hashem.. I don’t know what is. Now he’s planning on feasting with all his friends!?

UPDATE: Israel Our Home Lieberman;
Shas committing political suicide

“Their (Shas and Kadima) only common denominator is fear of general elections, and they are clinging to their posts,” he told Ynet on Thursday, adding that Shas was headed toward ‘political suicide’.

Lieberman estimated that should Shas join the coalition, it would lose many mandates in the next elections to the Likud party. He said that Shas activists have expressed their disappointment with the party’s direction. “From what I am feeling on the ground, Shas has already lost two-three mandates to Likud for sitting in (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert’s government. If they’ll join Livni, and Meretz-Yahad joins as well, I believe they’ll lose another three mandates.

“I’m willing to bet that in the next elections Shas receives only seven or eight mandates,” Lieberman said [...]

I don’t have a problem with anyone’s respective choice on whom they chose to vote for, I’m a sucker for Democracy - But in this case I hope he is right and Shas pays the piper at the voting booth for this dereliction of religious duty. A united Jerusalem crosses religious / secular lines in Israel with between 70-80% support depending on the poll. Sephardi religious Israelis have little problem moving it seems between Likud, Kadima or Shas – They are quite fluid between those parties. Now that Shas is again choosing party over country, I hope its voters begin choosing country over party.

  • I believe that the other Chareidi parties would not go along for that very reason.