Sayanara: Obama’s 50 State Strategy

North Dakota
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This was my favorite part of the messianic campaign of our age, the notion that Obama has ever crossed party lines, ever reached across divides, and could unite people by merely reaching out his hands and healing them. The waters may not be receding but the ’50 State Strategy’ apparently is.

Whom are we kidding exactly? It is more like a 5 state strategy. Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida & Ohio depending on the day, and of those - Three he needs to struggle to hold as normal democratic handoffs, while Florida & Ohio need to be picked off. The Messiah is dumping 40 Million dollars into Florida alone in the race to the finish according to Time. I guess some of the 50 are more clutch than others..

“You had Obama spend the better part of the summer trying to make this race into a 20-25 state battle ground, but he’s reined this in a little bit to 11 or 12 states and potentially less closer to Election Day,” says Evan Tracey, president of TNS’s Media Intelligence Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks campaign advertising. “It’s all about Ohio and after that, the other areas are a hedge.”

Er, 50.. 20-25, then 11 or 12, now more like 5 or 6..
So long as he has the Iran & Hamas vote sealed up though he looks golden, a real shame about that Israel state going McCain though, that one’s gonna hurt in Florida and a few other places as well ; )