Nothing to Prove: Enough with the Women’s issue in Israel (Updated with fresh Chauvinism)

Israel’s Security comes first above this fluff

There is too much identity politics, of course it is being fed by the 1st African American presidential nominee Obama, his raucous battle with Hillary Clinton who sought the nomination herself, and now the exciting American choice of the attractive in a great many ways to the GOP, choice of Sarah Palin for McCain’s running mate.

There is spillover in this identity politics mania and it is being felt in Israel. Last night TV news as the 3rd story trailer behind the polling scandal / Livni win, and the Mofaz exit, was the Livni effect in international media. The focus was on Livni compared to Golda Meir and her reception in world media as Israel’s latest prominent female in government. This story is also a large part of what propelled Livni internally in Israel. This excitement by women, and some men over female candidates etc and superficial trivial matters. Race and indentity have further played a role with Mofaz’s exit from the political scene today.

Israel’s never ending inferiority complex

Israelis tend to seek approval from the West endlessly. This touches every aspect of life in Israel. A drive to be more European, more American, more accepted.. From culture to clothing to politics. It likely stems from the fact that Jews and by extension Israel are so reviled by haters around the world. What is troubling is the spill over into our politics at such a dangerous juncture. We are facing serious threats in Israel and so far our answer has been less than stellar, bordering on incompetence under Olmert.

Livni has secured her Kadima win, if anything voters have shown less than full confidence in her abilities by only showing up at a Kadima rate of just over 50%, and then casting votes for her at a rate of a further diminutive 43% of those that showed up. The shameful display getting her into power does touch lightly on this Women’s issue as well. There are, and have been many editorials and pieces in Israeli media focusing solely on the fact that Livni is a woman, and how great that is yada yada. Wonderful. Can we get back to substantive issues now?

  • Ability to lead.
  • Ability to navigate treacherous security waters.
  • Ability to forge unity in the fractured political system.

None of these things relate to gender. These are the issues of great importance for Israel, gender is not one of them. Israel has nothing to prove in this regard. Golda Meir already led Israel from the late 60s into the 70s. Our Knesset speaker is a woman just like Pelosi, our top Supreme Court Justice is also a woman, another 1st for the west in general I believe.. Women are valued, equal and cherished in Israel – Hopefully for all the right reasons, their abilities and not just their gender.

Livni doesn’t have to prove she is capable regarding pressing issues for Israel because she is a woman, we are beyond that one would hope. She needs to prove it because she has a record of failure so far as our Foreign Minister, which was yet another big score for the gender maniacs, is Livni also Rice? No Livni is not Barack Obama as absurdly put in that Haaretz nonsense above, she is not Sarah Palin either, and these are not issues of substance. What Livni is indeed is almost the next PM of Israel, this might concern me as it should anyone looking at issues objectively.. Not her breasts.


Update: So far it looks like Kadima is incapable of putting Livni’s gender aside, if that is the case let me state clearly she is also incapable of leading this country.. Livni’s camp claims meeting between Likud / Labor is Chauvinism:

[...] Livni’s associates slammed the meeting, telling Ynet that Barak and Netanyahu were conducting themselves immorally.

“What they’re doing is chauvinism: Two men are getting together in order to screw the meidele (young girl in Yiddish.) This is simply a disgrace,” said one Livni associate. “Ehud Barak should not be known as Mr. Security, but rather, as Mr. Horse-Trading.” [...]

Is this how it is going to be? ‘Little Meidele nonsense’ every time Livni doesn’t get her way. What kind of language is this and what kind of message is this exactly?

Now when two party leaders meet to discuss the future of this country it is chauvinism because the big ’16,000 vote getter’ wasn’t invited? Well then I am gladly a chauvinist pig because I think Livni is totally unqualified to lead the State of Israel and her inner circle is proving me right before she has even gotten started. Forget a woman, it seems we are dealing with a little child here.