Mr. EU Speaks: Solana says not enough ‘urgency’ in Peace Talks

Thanks, feel free to shut up now.

In the nobody cares what you have to say department the unelected multilateral Spaniard is king..

European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana on Friday issued a harsh criticism of the management of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians since the Annapolis Conference, saying that from the beginning the talks were carried out far too slowly.

In an interview with Haaretz after his arrival Friday for a tour of Israel and the Palestinian territories, Solana expressed doubts over whether a deal could be completed by the end of the year, saying that the longer the sides wait to go forward with talks, the less they are likely to succeed.

“Because time is shorter, it will more difficult to do,” Solana said in regard to the talks, adding “I think we have to maintain the momentum.”

Do you know what seemingly lacks urgency in my eyes Mr. Solana? Disarming the Hezbollah and preventing them from taking over Lebanon. You know what else seems to lack any urgency on your part Mr. Solana? The removal of the Hamas terrorist government in Gaza. These are pressing issues in Israel in case Mr. Solana didn’t notice.

Nice Work there jacko

Since Solana was such a driving force in trying to arrange a ‘cease fire’ with Hezbollah terrorists in the 2006 conflict, instead of arranging to ‘cease their fire’ permanently; or since he was also a driving force in sticking his toy UN soldiers to buffer and protect Hezbollah so they could operate & arm with impunity - one might surmise we could care less what he has to say.

You know what else is urgent Mr. Eu? The Iranians and their mad drive to nuclear weapons. Solana was the last man to speak to the Iranians on the phone after they rejected the latest international package of incentives, his response seemed to be that his talks were satisfactory, a position contrary to just about everyone else save the commie Putin. Funny how these Peace Talks are ‘urgent’ but the threat to annihilate Israel with WMD is not so much so..

Hope you enjoy your tour, try not to choke on a falafel ball while you are here. Can anyone tell I’m a BIG fan? Just checking.