Gabriel: Time for Muslim moderates to stand up & be counted (Video)

Brigitte knocks one out of the park

Appearing on Morning Joe at MSNBC Gabriel in 6 minutes or less gets to the heart of the matter;

  • Muslims & the Arab world cannot simply be handed Democracy, in order to appreciate & value democracy one needs to fight for it
  • Muslim extremism is an ideology like Nazism, preys on the weak, the youth and ignorance
  • Wealth transfer through energy is feeding a monster
  • Muslim moderates appear nearly non existent in their efforts to seize the Muslim mantle

Time to stand up she says, create organizations and be heard. Quite a lady, with a clear concise message. Buchanan, Brezinki’s daughter & co. appear somewhat out of their league, but kudos to at least having Gabriel on to speak a little common sense to the rabid MSNBC crowd. Enjoy a few minutes below..