NBC News: 37 Million Reasons to Pull Olbermann & Matthews

MSNBC a drag on the ‘ol ticket

NBC has pulled Left Wingers Olbermann & Matthews from the anchor chair for the remainder of election coverage, but the damage done by the MSNBC spiral into left-wing mania has been done. At its height 37 Million people watched the RNC speeches on TV in the USA, the highest numbers ever for such an event beating even the famous Obama speech at the stadium the week before, and each and every one of those viewers could clearly hear the crowd chanting NBC! NBC! NBC! when Sarah Palin spoke of the bias she was facing in the media LIVE during her speech. Ouch.

The mania was not isolated to that one event.. A series of gaffes including the one that shocked me the most, Olbermann opening his big fat mouth to apologize for his network’s airing of the 9/11 tribute by the RNC, left me with my mouth wide open in shock when I saw it.. You could smell it coming from miles away as MSNBC has become a sad joke but the damage to the NBC brand is done, a brand that has spent untold hundreds of millions building itself as a news division, undressed for all to see. Olbermann is a partisan hack, which is fine it seems in this day and age. But worse, he’s a moron. Worse yet.. He’s now dragged Matthews his co-anchor down with him & worse still, one of America’s original News broadcast networks.

The High Price still to be paid

Has adding a few hundred thousand paltry viewers per night, yet still coming in dead last in the news cable wars been worth all this? I feel for Brokaw & Williams because this tarnish won’t be coming off so easy. Credibility isn’t bought, it is earned & burned, and NBC News has lost a whole lot of it, dragged down like an ‘anchor’ by MSNBC’s totally unvarnished partisan reporting. Not to worry, Rachel Maddow Olbermann’s left wing protege who’s analysis I’d say ranks somewhere around that of Ernie & Bert’s of Sesame Street debuts tonight with her new show on MSNBC.

Forgive me if I don’t tune in. Apparently judging by MSNBC’s ratings.. I’m not the only one.