Target Canada: Hezbollah Terror Cell Busted in Jet Related Terror Plot

Local Canadian Hezbollah Operatives Active As Usual; Canadian Jews & Israelis need to be watchful

JPOST ‘Terror cell did surveillance work on El Al crews in Toronto’

The alert level has been raised for Israelis in Canada after it was discovered that a terror cell was following and carrying out surveillance on El Al crews staying in a hotel in Toronto, Channel 2 reported Wednesday.

El Al was forced to change the guidelines it issues its employees following the terror cell’s discovery.
The security establishment said that the cell appeared to be planning an attack on the Israelis and said the terrorists apparently belonged to Hizbullah.

On Tuesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that in recent weeks, several kidnapping plots against Israelis abroad had been thwarted. Two weeks ago, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau in the Prime Minister Office put out a rare “general” travel warning for Israelis traveling anywhere overseas following Hizbullah’s threat to expect retaliation for February’s assassination in Damascus of arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, which the Islamist group blames on Israel. [...]

Kudos to the Canadian Government and small intelligence apparatus for working deftly one hopes in conjunction with the Israeli intel system to quickly uncover and quell possible terrorist plots. Canada has a very large Lebanese ex-patriot population centered mostly on the east coast cities of Montreal & Toronto and spanning Ontario. Mostly Christian Lebanese and quite well acclimatized there’s no getting around the fact that with hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Canada of Lebanese & Palestinian origin, there will be extremists and radical Muslim supporters amongst the crowd.

Hezbollah has a massive support network in Montreal. The group enjoys large open public support, marches and demonstrations pulling in thousands of locals. Canadian Press has often reported on how the network is used for intelligence gathering, fund raising and terrorist purposes.