MoveOn Invades: Israeli Leftists Cannot Even Corral the Left?

Big Push: In the last three weeks Israel’s left has tried and seemingly failed to move two issues of public opinion; US Elections & Iran

Followers of the radically progressive American movement have been very active of late, albeit with little success. In the last few weeks they have tried to move two mountains of public opinion here in Israel, resulting in what appears to be a massive hernia.


A few weeks ago various intellectuals and groups which invariably means leftist academics and media elites seized on the notion that public, government, and military opinion in Israel was nearly unanimously in support of the ‘whatever it takes’ concept regarding stopping Iran and this of course alarmed them. They prefer the pacifist approach even if it means failure, as evidenced by the nearly 20 year long peace process of pain.

As a result they vowed to organize, and various opinion articles starting appearing for the 1st time with common themes in Israeli press, Iran is too far, strikes will fail, the program is too big, the meme was always the same - Discredit any option save for capitulation. So far the results are lackluster for them to say the least, they are getting the ink all right but going nowhere fast.

Messianic Complex: Palin targeted in US Elections

Now news of a second push, via the ever lovable Sever Plocker, who’s mix of Zionist ideals and modern economic savvy usually make for a great lefty mix and read over at YNET. Sever is after all a great gage of the left, in his latest article he exhibits some of the reasoning for the left’s total collapse in Israel of late. There’s simply not enough meat on the left’s ‘issue bones’ to feed anyone but a vegan..

Plocker at YNET
A distinguished group of Israeli lecturers and their colleagues at US universities sent me an email against “McCain’s dangerous choice.” They were referring to Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor, who McCain chose as his running mate. The email is being distributed online by followers of the MoveOn movement, a leftist American intellectual organization whose attitude to Israel is rather hostile.

Palin’s candidacy has irritated many among the American leftist camp, and they have been responding like a child who has seen an expensive toy being taken away from him (the toy in question being “change.”) Yet the response is understandable. By choosing Palin, McCain exposed the deep fundamental problems associated with Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. [...]

Plocker goes on to detail the now somewhat familiar line of response in the US from the center & right, highlighting Palin’s shortcomings only serves to exacerbate the American Messiah’s own thin resume.

[...] I advise those who sent me the email against McCain’s choice for vice president to read Obama’s latest speech at the stadium. Isn’t it ridiculous? Isn’t it embarrassing? No media outlet in Israel would agree to publish it. [...]

heh! That sums it up nicely, there’s a distinct quality seemingly lacking here in Israel compared to the Americans these days and it is thwarting the left in a big way, patience. After decades now of our own form of  ‘just words’ and the left’s failure to deliver here, the tolerance on the old BS meter is rather low it seems. Plocker a well known and respected member of the left in Israel who himself would ‘never vote conservative’ if afforded the opportunity, is no longer prepared to tow the line. We see this also in the seeming electoral collapse of Labor & the Meretz parties in Israel, they are not looking good.

Despite the peace in our time meme and even the arrival of a new false Messiah, here in Israel the left and the MoveOns of this world cannot corral the troops. I feel for them and there is only one thing to do according to Sun Tzu, crush them totally. 1st hopefully in the upcoming US elections by ushering in McCain, and then here in Israel by ushering in a Bibi / Lieberman government. It’s only fair of us, you know.. to afford them the opportunity to rebuild from the ground up.

MoveOn may have invaded, but Genghis Khan they are not.