Palin & Israel: Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places

If you are blogging and you have the word Israel in all your tags, and over the weekend added Palin posts you know that there is quite a bit of search frenzy going on around the net. I’ve served up quite a few Palin images from Google & Live this weekend, and the Palin searches are still coming in strong. The internet’s citizens are looking for images of the attractive relatively unknown Alaskan Governor, but there is also a lot of Israel Palin related searching going down as well..

Biden is Pro Israel

That’s the refrain from US Democrats, and it’s true. What is also true is that Biden ascribes to the weaker Obama Iranian position of endless appeasing dialog, and what is inconveniently true for Jewish Liberal brethren torn in the US perhaps between their democratic usual vote, and the State of Israel’s own historic modern day peril – Is that Biden thinks we can, push come to shove live here with the Iranian Bomb.

Let’s clear that up right quick. We will do no such thing. That story is called dying at the hands of the Iranian bomb. This is not the cold war, Radical Islamists cut people’s heads off. Iran abuses it’s own populace & ascribes to the Islamic Fundamentalist views of Martyrdom, has prepared 50,000 suicide bombers, supports and created the Hezbollah and is the world’s foremost sponsor of Terror. There will be no living with the bomb here and no cold war.

What about Palin? The search is on.

The left is praying to dig up some nasty Jooo bashing, Palin & Buchanan was the 1st talking point harped on MSNBC after all. The right is searching for some affirmation. They are all searching it seems but in the wrong places. Governor Palin is an Evangelical, here in Israel we know who our friends are and they consist of the US Evangelical movement. The Liberal Jews like to talk in the US of how scary the Evangelicals are, they bash Hagee, they tout conversion conspiracies, but here in Israel we are not scared of Jesus – Jesus was an Israeli and a nice Jewish boy from the Kinneret. Here we don’t fear the unborn, our traditional observant families crank out kids like Japanese auto factories and with joy. When we talk conversion it is about Gentiles seeking to come to the Jewish faith and live in the Jewish State, not whole communities assimilating out.

Obam/Biden vs McCain/Palin

McCain is a strong supporter of Israel, Palin is an Evangelical governor who has welcomed warm ties with Alaska’s small Jewish community. Surely of course no one expected there to be long speeches and sponsored resolutions from the 2 year Governor on foreign issues like Israel, so these things don’t faze us..

[...] But Palin’s obscurity, her lack of any record on Israel, or even statements on Israel issues, has not changed the overall sentiment in Jerusalem toward the race, and a lack of public endorsement of a ticket doesn’t mean a lack of preference. Privately, the prevalent feeling in Jerusalem’s corridors of power is that in the Obama-McCain race, “more of the same,” the epithet Obama is throwing at McCain, is not that bad.

When it comes to the Middle East, Jerusalem – or at least the current government – is not only unafraid of more of the same, but would actually embrace it from the next White House. The government likes what has come from the Bush administration over the last number of years and is in no hurry to see any change there.

Almost nothing of Palin is known in Jerusalem beyond what has been written in the press over the last few days. But at least in the initial blush following the stunning announcement, that unfamiliarity has not changed Jerusalem’s overall comfort level with the man who has deemed that Palin is indeed of vice-presidential caliber.


Daled Amos look at video of the Governor, including a cute Israeli flag on her window sill. The lady is an Evangelical, they don’t call these values & morals Judeo / Christian for nothing! Nice find.

He links to Carl who holds common views but is looking at Jews for Jesus speeches and classifying this as a potential hot button. Nonsense I say, here in Israel the perils are clear and the choices of preference regarding the US ticket even clearer, the threat is not Jews for Jesus.