Money Honeys: McCain’s Million Dollar Women Cindy & Palin (7.Mill Update)

Palin brings home the bacon with a huge 4 Million dollar haul
(*now 7+ million!*)

Don’t worry, this kind of bacon is Kosher.

John McCain is a fortunate man, shot down over Vietnam yet surviving not only the mission but the POW ordeal that followed. A Successful career as an honorable senator representing America at home & abroad, a full family, and until now I would have said – ‘A’ beautiful woman by his side who has herself been a bacon burner. Cindy McCain is certainly a beautiful woman and successful beyond normal measure, she’s got her own learjet – That is very hot indeed. Nice Job!

John & Cindy McCain at the VP announcement

Apparently Mack’s good fortune comes in waves

I’m pretty pleased that McCain bucked the Pawlenty / Romney trend and went somewhat more Maverick, here in the holy land we are sliding right within our own electorate with serious threats all around, so we need the stability and security conscious GOP leading America with a man who better understands the need for decisive action at times. Though not my 1st choice if I were afforded one, it was my belief that Sarah Palin could shake things up nicely and help deliver a win for McCain.. What I didn’t expect was her to deliver quite so quickly.

4 Million Dollar Mom

There’s no doubt she will be targeted harshly by the opposition, probably stemming from their well founded fear. Daled Amos points out there are certainly cons to a young Woman, from a far from the action state – Things that can and will be taken advantage of by the opposition and media. But these numbers themselves are impressive beyond measure, showing that American Liberals may have more to fear here than just a pretty face and a charming down to earth manner, this mom has pulling power. Five kids, a rigorous gubernatorial job and now a 4 and half million dollar haul half day! Whoooa.

VP Nominee Palin takes in the moment with John McCain in Dayton Ohio

There’s no getting around the fact that McCain’s right hand women are absolutely smokin.

More awesome photos are at McCain’s daughter’s blog.. It doesn’t end with this guy ; )

American Jewish Dems react negatively.
American Jewish Republicans react with praise.

UPDATE: Wow, a few hours after my post, and now at the memeo I’m seeing these numbers for the McCain Palin 08 campaign are pretty astounding, 7 Million dollar bounce according to the Washington Post. Holy schnikeys indeed, Cha-Ching. The campaign seems to have released quite a bit of groundswell support in the US, Allahpundit looks at some of the cost benefits.