National Security: Will NSA Briefings Change Obama’s Out of Key Tunes?

Welcome to the Big Leagues Barack

They don’t pay me the big bucks (total earned from 2+ years blogging? $0) for nothing, that’s why I like to continue earning my keep by trying to stay a step ahead of the MSM in my favorite category here at the Hashmonean, analysis.

Let’s analyze the fact that with great pomp & fanfare the 1st African American has now been nominated to his party’s candidate for President, nice one! Seriously, it’s wonderful for Black Americans and race relations and I wish them all well. With that congratulatory bit out of the way let’s move on to stage 2 of today’s analysis where we rip said candidate up a bit..

Baseline – Foreign Policy Fool

Obama Obama has come up with some pretty weak ideas regarding foreign policy, from his cut & run Iraq ideas including the surge that hasn’t worked meme, to his ‘Pakistani Invasion’ plans, right down to the whopper of finessing radical Islamic regimes and terrorists with his boyish charm and Alfred E. Neuman good looks.. Clearly Barack is not the sharpest pencil in the case on foreign policy. Much of this is not Barack’s fault per say, it’s a mish mash of not knowing what the hell he’s talking about infused with I imagine a heavy dose of Liberal non-thought. If you think per chance I am exaggerating let’s keep in mind that an army of advisers, 300 of them are on team Obama to ‘advise him’ on foreign policy, lest he stick one of his (according to his wife) ‘smelly feet’ in his mouth.

Now he’s a bright guy so clearly he can pick things up if it is framed for him, what he must lack in essence is knowledge of world geopolitical events on a deep level, that’s fine. His expertise is TelePrompter reading, law, and ahem.. community organizing. These things more than make up for his neophyte foreign policy ways (not really, but I’m trying to be nice in case any Democrats stop by).

A cut above – Choice Committee Member

What separates the men from the boys in the foreign policy arena is knowledge, of course data by itself is useless without analysis. The difference between say Obama & Biden, or Obama & McCain (judgment aside) is their access to long term quality knowledge and quality analysis. The reasoning here is fairly simple, as big time security committee members guys like Biden & McCain get substantially deeper, detailed, and secret closed session hearings & briefings on a wide range of foreign & domestic security policy issues that Obama was not invited to.

It’s why Biden (judgment aside again) can speak with some authority on international issues, it’s why Mccain can cut through the hype and deliver moral clarity on issues of supreme importance and security. These men hear stuff that you or I or Obama until now necessarily do not. Obama’s army of advisers are intellectuals, but they have access to the same data as any amateur might should he dig or be interested enough. But, what they lack is intelligence and not of the brain sort, but of the intel sort and boy one imagines that can make all the difference.

Take the Israeli strike on Syria’s nuclear facility last fall, for a few months no one in Congress or in committees got any info at all, leaving a few months where the avg congressman knew whatever he could glean from the NY Times which was not much. Mostly speculation really, once briefed however select members knew quite a bit, the nature of the strike, the nature of the target, the nuclear aspects, perhaps the ramification of NOKO involvement, the ramifications on six party talks with NOKO at the time, I could go on but you get the point. A few key secret details can make ALL the difference in one’s understanding of world events, and subsequently a sharper concept of how to react & deal with that knowledge going forward.

The Big Leagues – President, national security members, nominees etc

At the top of the food chain is El Presidente, Bush for instance enjoyed daily personal CIA briefings on world events, judge him as you will (I think he’s a fantastic President) but he knows a lot because he is presented information that the avg joe just doesn’t get. Again, at this level one might perhaps change their tune on critical issues, events, policy etc when one knows a critical detail not in the public domain as such a factoid can radically alter perceived realities.


Now that he is the nominee, Obama will be able to when a crisis erupts have access to much deeper information of the classified nature. He will be able to receive information that guys like McCain already have access to in forming opinions. In fact McCain & Obama once nominated can get briefed on issues of critical importance at an extremely high level, beyond even select ranking committee members. It will be most interesting to see whether Obama begins to change his off key tunes on important policy issues when faced with the gravity of critical & more in-depth knowledge and information going forward..

National Security issues take on a whole new light when you can open up the folder marked classified and peer inside. The weight of responsibility has changed for Mr. Obama, he’s now no longer just a guy in an election. He’s the leader of the Democratic party. Of course, data without analysis is useless, we shall see how good Obama’s judgment really is, soon enough no doubt. Hopefully it will be sharper than say his reaction to the Georgian crisis.