Go Mack Go!! – McCain / Palin 08

Sarah Palin joins McCain ticketStirring is how I would put today’s VP announcement.. Complete with Van Halen blaring ‘Right Now’ in the background :)

Mazal Tov to the United States of America on a strong and worthy GOP Ticket! Good luck and Godspeed to the Presidency, to security, to energy independence and to the very international and most worthy cause of Freedom!

Sarah Palin Bio; Governor of Alaska.


Fox News
The Jerusalem Post

Continuing Coverage & Opinion:


J McCain Campaign website

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  • B”H

    Dude, aren’t you like,…Canadian?

    Anyway, I agree with you on Sarah Palin ;.

    If any (so called) “orthodox” bloggers say they don’t like you or your blog, this “orthodox” blogger can kick their “orthodox” tuchuses!

  • Shavua tov BY, Israeli & Canadian actually.. Surely you don’t mean that precludes punditry or having a stake in the the most important job in the world? :))  In any case I’ve been a denizen of the USA and my family are Americans so even if I was from Bangladesh I still could not be able to resist American Politics, the tastiest around! .. though Israeli politics to its credit is also pretty crazy as you know.

  • Sarah Palin is a very vocal person and most of the time she speaks what she thinks and how she feels. .-