Home Of The Brave: Majority of America Backs Forceful Strikes On Iran (Updated with Biden info)

War On Terror: Americans not prepared to blink in the face of Radical Islamic Aggression

Americans polled share more than common values with Israeli brethren, they share serious and relatively unwavering concern regarding the Iranian nuclear threat, the majority are prepared to back Israeli allies if diplomacy stalls, or even launch American based strikes. (JPOST)

Stars & StripesThis is the kind of thing that will put wind in your sails when you are a little country surrounded by missiles, terrorists, Jihadists and now potentially cataclysmic WMD threats. Americans polled overwhelmingly viewed Iran as a serious threat to the United States of America, to the tune of 87% – Those kind of bi-partisan numbers stateside are unheard of in this age, perhaps leaving only Ron Paul supporters and far left wing quacks out of the general mix.

Prepared to do something about it too..

On the topic of taking action should diplomacy stall, again a majority of Americans polled are prepared to go the distance with 63% supporting Israeli strikes, and 55% supporting US and allied strikes if required. A whopping 80% of Americans in the poll felt that should Iran obtain nuclear weapons they would likely use them, no doubt the weekly calls for the destruction of Israel, and the chants of ‘Death to America’ have sunk into the general American public.

The threat of Iran is apparently felt across the political spectrum, with 85% of Democrats and 97% of Republicans believing the Islamic Republic represents a serious threat to the US.

Everything is just cheeky in the UK..

Germans & Brits were also polled. Germany with a historical moral obligation towards the Jewish people showed strongly unfavorable views of Iran at 64%, but our pals in Londonistan it seems only mustered 39% unfavorable views of the Islamic Republic, meaning the vast majority of Brits are prepared to go full on Dhimmi it seems. Pretty scary numbers coming out of the UK in light of the bombing & killing of Brit boys in Iraq by Iranian backed extremists, statements by top ranking UK military officials that they are fighting Iran, and a boatload of UK sailors including a young woman having been abducted at gunpoint on the high seas, and held hostage by the Iranians!?

At the end of the day, ask any US soldier in Iraq, family member of the military etc how much moral support means to them in the general public, and you can divine the powerful effect such support from allies can have for an embattled people and State such as Israel.

Update: Yossi Melman, leftist but highly respected by me analyst writes a heavy article on the Obama / Biden ticket, also looking at the popular Michael Rubin article of a few days ago..

[...] If the Obama-Biden team is elected, the combination of the new president’s inexperience in foreign policy and his vice president’s positions and record do not auger well for Israeli’s foreign and security policy, which is trying to persuade the U.S. administration that a tough policy toward Iran must be pursued – increasing the sanctions on Iran and, if necessary, as a last resort, attacking its nuclear installations.

Check it out! If Melman (bless him) is wary about the Obama / Biden ticket it means the rest of us need to run for the hills.