Awesome: Non-Existent UNIFIL Mandate Extended For 1 Year! (Ominous Update)

That’s gotta be good for at least another 25,000 missiles from Syria.. (Updated below)

I was getting worried for a bit there the ‘international forces’ might just pickup & leave handing everything back to Hezbollah, thankfully Hezbollah and Syria have now taken all of Lebanon over so this extension will be especially handy. Don’t look now (UNIFIL sure isn’t) but apparently the Lebanon Syria border is totally open and unmonitored according to a UN inspection team dispatched to report on the situation..

Jpost: Security Council renews UNIFIL mandate by 1 year

[...] The report on the Lebanon-Syrian border released Wednesday was commissioned by Ban at the request of the Security Council to assess the implementation of Resolution 1701, passed to halt the Second Lebanon War.

According to the 21-page document, four-wheel-drive vehicles are still crossing from Syria unchecked. Berms or other physical roadblocks are being dismantled or bypassed, and units based at observation posts have failed to enforce regular identity checks of pedestrians or cyclists.

Despite claims that mobile patrols were conducted regularly, the four-person inspection team found no evidence of mobile patrol activity along the border.

Instead, troops were deployed in stationary, military-style observations posts, including in “cross-border areas controlled by Palestinian groups, where it is crucial to maintain efficient control of any movement into Lebanese-controlled areas, as these areas are open to Syria.”

The team also found that the four border security agencies that have been combined into the Common Border Force, which includes the Lebanese Armed Forces, are not sharing information and have not conducted any enforcement operations based on specific intelligence. [...]

Of course, Hezbollah was supposed to disarm, the border was supposed to be monitored and arms smuggling halted, but non of these things have ever been considered never mind implemented. In actuality the Lebanese government has affirmed the right & legitimacy of Hezbollah armed resistance! They now support terrorism, fantastic.

Israel’s attempts to get a chapter 7 applied to the resolution allowing for some actual enforcement? Went nowhere. Seems the consensus was it was better to protect the ‘delicate balance’ in the Lebanese govt than enforce resolution 1701, or 1552 for that matter. Not that it makes any difference, no one in our government is actually doing anything these days anyhow other than worrying about elections, the fact that Hezbollah is building an army and that Iran & Syria are arming large swaths of Lebanon with tens of thousands of missiles is not too much of a concern it seems.

At least ‘The Peace Process’ is on Track

Anyone incidentally hear anything recently from Olmert our Prime Minister? It is as if he was abducted by aliens, he must be vacationing. Thank Gd we have Livni who negotiated this fiasco looking out for our interests..

Assad in Syria is enjoying new found stardom, apparently he is now willing to parlay his hand even more and get not just France to drop any grievances against him, but now the US too! Yup, he has dangled the option of a direct talk with Israel in return for America’s involvement in the process, meaning sanctions et all would evaporate and Syria would be sitting pretty and all he’d have to do is have some coffee with Olmert and then walk away.


Oh Oh, trouble in Shiite paradise: Hezbollah shot down Lebanese military chopper? (Haaretz)

More good news about Hezbollah’s control of Lebanon, armed with sophisticated SAMs now as Israel has been warning? Shooting down aircraft? And of course.. Blaming whom else? Israel..

If this had been an IAF aircraft we might be at war again right now, and while the facts are just coming to light pls don’t mistake for a moment who they thought they might be shooting at. Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!